Getting ready for the Midwest

I’ve got more than a foot tall stack of the maps & lists all neatly binder clipped & ready to go.  That’s enough for probably two months but I only have a mere five weeks.  I’ve got the route map posted over at Flickr where I’ll be posting different photos from those that appear here every night during the trip.  You might want to check that stream as well:

former Hi Restaurant sign

For your convenience, I’ll post the route here, too.   Those arrows are an oversimplification of the zig-zagging that will be occurring throughout all the states we’re traveling through.

I haven’t been to KS or MO in a really long time (2005).  So I have a long list of stuff I’ve never seen before and funky old photos that need reshooting.  We’ll be scouring those states in particular for buildings, signs, statues — as well as donuts and doggie swimming holes.

So pack your virtual shorts, ear plugs, and cooler food and come join the dogs and I next weekend.

Day 6: A viewing tip

I’ve futzed around with the html code and can’t seem to make the photos in this blog open to a new window no matter what I do. I’ve used the same coding that I use for my website but that doesn’t help. So the best I can do is pass along this tip: if you want to see the photos full size, hover over them, right mouse click, and click on “open link in a new window”. Then just kill that separate window when you’re done looking at it. Hope that helps same some ridiculously long reload time and leads to a more enjoyable experience!

Time to get on the road now…

Hey folks!

I just switched this blog over from (aka blogger) to WordPress.   Hopefully, this will make things easier for me on upcoming trips and give me more options.  At some point, I’ll have to go back and tidy up some of the quirks from importing the old posts to this format. 

Right now, I’m getting ready for a two week roadtrip (March 7-22).  Just enough time to thaw out from this long & miserable winter.  The focus on this trip will be on SC, GA & FL stuff.  Of course, the dogs are coming!  As usual, I’ll be posting here and uploading some photos to my Flickr stream nightly.  This map is a simplication of the route we’ll be taking.  I hope you’ll enjoy tagging along on-line.