Getting ready for the Midwest

I’ve got more than a foot tall stack of the maps & lists all neatly binder clipped & ready to go.  That’s enough for probably two months but I only have a mere five weeks.  I’ve got the route map posted over at Flickr where I’ll be posting different photos from those that appear here every night during the trip.  You might want to check that stream as well:

Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks

For your convenience, I’ll post the route here, too.   Those arrows are an oversimplification of the zig-zagging that will be occurring throughout all the states we’re traveling through.

I haven’t been to KS or MO in a really long time (2005).  So I have a long list of stuff I’ve never seen before and funky old photos that need reshooting.  We’ll be scouring those states in particular for buildings, signs, statues — as well as donuts and doggie swimming holes.

So pack your virtual shorts, ear plugs, and cooler food and come join the dogs and I next weekend.

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