Getting ready for the Midwest

I’ve got more than a foot tall stack of the maps & lists all neatly binder clipped & ready to go.  That’s enough for probably two months but I only have a mere five weeks.  I’ve got the route map posted over at Flickr where I’ll be posting different photos from those that appear here every night during the trip.  You might want to check that stream as well:

former Guy Faulk Chevrolet dealership

For your convenience, I’ll post the route here, too.   Those arrows are an oversimplification of the zig-zagging that will be occurring throughout all the states we’re traveling through.

I haven’t been to KS or MO in a really long time (2005).  So I have a long list of stuff I’ve never seen before and funky old photos that need reshooting.  We’ll be scouring those states in particular for buildings, signs, statues — as well as donuts and doggie swimming holes.

So pack your virtual shorts, ear plugs, and cooler food and come join the dogs and I next weekend.

9 thoughts on “Getting ready for the Midwest

  1. Seems I’m always through Illinois and Ohio at least once a year. Always a lot of Chicago stuff on my list and the dogs do love that Montrose Beach. I think I have 3 or 4 days in N. IL. And then 3 days in S. IL planned (if I don’t run out of time & have to bail earlier which always seems to happen).

  2. I’m beginning to plan a 10-day trip through either the south or to Oklahoma and I have have a new-found appreciation of all the planning you must do on your trips. Bon voyage!

  3. 10-days is frustrating if you’re a Type A over-achiever like me. But it’s plenty of time for most humans to get some sights in and some R&R (whatever that is). Which category do you fit into?

  4. I’m with you…cramming 30 days worth into 10! I always feel I’m never going to be where ever it is I’m at driving through at the moment ever again and, really, how can you not stop and see the hometown of Gomer Pyle?

  5. if you pass any starlites, can you make a quick note. You never know when one pops up somewhere or gets moved without notice from us diner geeks.

  6. I’m with you, Debra Jane! Looking forward to riding along with you and the pups on another fabulous roadtrip. Be safe, my friend.

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