Website Updating: Mid-Century Modern Buildings (Part 2 of 2)

And here it is! My last post from this grueling annual updating project. The past two months, I’ve obsessively combed all approximately 3,000 pages at my website ( and checked every link and map to get things as current as possible. Here’s the last bit of news below from the Mid-Century section.

The First United Methodist Church in Corinth, MS was demolished this summer:

This former Amy Joy Donuts building in Bedford Heights, OH was demolished last year. It had been vacant since 2015 and last housed New Orleans Seafood:

This building in Hurst, TX:

has been painted black — or I guess it could be a very dark blue:

This former Sav-on Cleaners in Houston, TX has been demolished:

The American Motor Inn Motel in Snyder, TX was closed and being remodeled last year. The diamond features are gone now:

It was part of a chain with locations in at least Texas and New Mexico. Many of the locations, like this one in Big Spring, TX (long gone) had giant signs:

Most of the Jif-E-Mart convenience store locations in San Antonio, TX are very run down now. But this recently adapted location looks pretty nice as a H&R Block tax office:

This lovely bank building with cast concrete screens in Wenatchee, WA was vacant in 2018. Last year, it began housing retail space — guess what color they painted it?

You guessed it! Dark gray. Okay so making buildings as drab as possible instead of tearing them down is, I guess, a glass half-full:

The Rosa Flower Shop building in Monroe, WI is gone now:

There you go! The next time you hear from me in these posts, it will be “good” news since it will be things that still exist. That probably won’t be until the spring when I start my roadtest-roadtrips to test Gator’s mechanical shape for the big, five-week summer trip to the Midwest.

Happy trails,
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Website Updating: Mid-Century Modern Buildings (Part 1 of ???)

Let’s start on the biggest and final section. I’m hoping to wrap up this project by the end of the month. I’m about halfway through the approximately 500 pages.

The former Ortega’s Indian Market souvenir shop dome building in Lupton, AZ is gone now:

This building in Los Banos, CA is gone now:

This former Suzuki Motorcycles dealer in Santa Fe Springs, CA had been boarded up for many years. The building is gone now:

This former Salvation Army Chapel in Miami, FL has been demolished:

This Jiffy Food store in Perry, FL

was vacant and had been painted when the Google car drove by in June. A shame that the original diamonds are covered but at least the zigzag roof is still there:

This supermarket in Marshalltown, IA has been replaced with a boxy, modern version:

Weller’s Dry Cleaners in Silver Spring, MD closed about a year ago and these great panels have all been painted beige:

An equal or greater crime is what they did to the sign. At least they left the clock. From this:

to this:

The former Safeway in Red Bluff, CA has been demolished:

The YMCA Building in Davenport, IA was demolished was last spring:

The Totem Bowl in Marshalltown, IA closed in 2016. now houses Wayward Social. Although the place still has bowling, these tile murals are gone:

The former First Federal Savings & Loan in Kewanee, IL

now houses Regional Media. Those original panels are gone and the sign has been replaced. The same shapes were repeated inside for the stairs, teller windows, etc. Such an unforgiveable, historical shame. And, of course, today’s fave paint color choices seem to be either beige, grey, or black….

This Illinois Central School Bus building in Gary, IN is gone now:

I’ll be back soon with more.

Happy trails,
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Website Updating: Signs (Part 7 of 7)

Let’s finish off the Signs section with this mega post.

This sign in El Campo, TX is gone:

This sign in Greenville, TX is gone now:

This Masonic Lodge sign in Greenville, TX is also gone:

This motel in Laredo, TX was demolished in 2022 and this sign is gone now:

This sign in Longview, TX is gone now:

This only-one-left “Associate Store” 7-Eleven sign in New Boston, TX had only a single panel for years but it’s gone now:

This sign in Paris, TX is gone now:

This restaurant in Tyler, TX has been closed since 2013:

The letters are falling over now:

and the pole sign is at a mysterious and dangerous lean:

This Catfish Parlour sign in Austin, TX was created by Evan Voyles of Neon Jungle in 1973. That location closed about a year ago and the sign is gone:

This modern sign in Austin, TX is also gone now. This location closed in 2019:

This sign in Dallas, TX:

is now missing the arrow and looks like it’s hanging on by a thread:

These signs in Dallas, TX are gone now. A restaurant soon to take its place:

In October, this sign in Woods Cross, UT was removed. It will be installed in a customer’s backyard and will supposedly be visible from the Woods Cross City Hall:

This sign in Ogden, UT is gone now. The motel was demolished and a fast food restaurant is being built:

This sign in Ogden, UT is also gone now:

Diamond Lil’s in Salt Lake City, UT closed in 2013. In 2021, the building was destroyed by a fire. It was recently demolished and the sign is gone now:

This sign in Bluefield, VA is gone now. The Cotton’s letters are still on the building:

This sign in Pullman, WA is gone now:

The Italian Kitchen sign in Spokane, WA is now in a private collection:

This midcentury canopy and the sign in Yakima, WA are gone. A furniture store is there now.

This sign in Poynette, WI is gone now:

This sign in Milwaukee, WI is gone now:

And that’s a wrap! I’ll be back soon enough as we start on the Mid-Century Modern Buildings section.

Happy trails,
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Website Updating: Signs (Part 6 of many…)

I think there will be one more post after this one. Only 55 more Sign section pages to comb!

This motel was demolished in 2015 and this sign in Olean, NY is gone now:

This sign in Dayton, OH is gone now:

This sign in Hamilton, OH is gone now:

This sign in Ironton, OH is gone now:

This sign in Woodward, OK is gone now:

The Hi-Lo Club closed in 2022 and these two signs in Oklahoma City, OK:

have had the neon and bulbs removed while the building is being remodeled:

This sign in Oklahoma City is apparently gone. The company might have moved to Yukon, OK but I don’t know if they sign was moved there:

This former neon sign in Jenkintown, PA was moved just a few feet away in 2022 when the store expanded. Supposedly, during the moving process, it fell apart:

The owners had the sign replicated with aluminum panels. It now has LED tubing instead of neon. The reader board and three rods are gone now:

This sign in Ligonier, PA was replicated after this 2007 photo:

The new sign from 2013 looked very nice. But the pole became unstable and it was put in City storage in 2022. Hopefully, they’ll get it back up.

These Rexall signs in Mount Olive, NC are gone now:

This sign in West Columbia, SC:

Had this interesting vinyl cover when the Google car drove by in September:

So, here’s an interesting local article:

If you are anywhere near there, there will be a relighting on January 10:

Here’s the “tease” for the about-to-be-uncovered restoration:

This sign in Milan, TN is gone now:

This neon extension “girl pig” was on top of the Brad’s Bar-B-Q sign in Moscow, TN. A Mexican restaurant is there now and this sign is gone.

That’s quite enough for one post. Be back soon.

Happy trails,
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Website Updating: Signs (Part 5 of many…)

Moving on with lots of “N” states. This sign in Omaha, NE might be gone now. It fell over a couple of months ago during high winds and was removed. It’s not known yet if it will be repaired or scrapped.

This sign in Lebanon, NJ is gone now:

The rocket sign in Alamogordo, NM:

now has letters for the loan company behind it:

This sign in Artesia, NM is gone now:

This sign in Las Cruces, NM:

has been horribly adapted:

Truly heartbreaking. The Premiere Motel sign in Albuquerque, NM:

has been turned into this crap with plastic letters:

The original corrugated plastic panel on this sign in Gallup, NM:

has been replaced with this one:

This sign in Boulder City, NV:

has been replaced with this one for the Dam Roast House & Browder Bookstore:

The 7/11 Motor Lodge in Reno, NV was demolished and this sign is gone now:

Let’s close with two bits of good news from Las Vegas, NV. This sign was removed earlier this year as the motel is being converted into apartments. The City of Las Vegas has the sign in storage and will restore it and reinstall it somewhere:

Google Street View is now showing the recently restored Par-a-Dice Motel sign and it looks fabulous. It’s located in the Las Vegas Blvd. median just south of the Shalimar Hotel. I can’t wait to see/shoot it in June!:

Back very soon with more. I’m going to try to wrap up the Signs section this weekend.

Happy trails,
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Website Updating: Signs (Part 4 of many…)

Still about 150 pages to go for this section but here’s some more news.

This bar in Chelsea, MI closed in 2019 and the sign is gone now:

The Moose Lodge in Hibbing, MN

was destroyed by a fire in 2020. However, the sign was moved to the ground on the side of the street where the building was. The lot seems to be in use as the “Moose Event Center” now:

The Maplewood Wine Cellar in Maplewood, MN building and sign are gone now:

This sign in Motley, MN is gone now:

The Dari-ette Drive-in in St. Paul, MN closed in 2020:

The neon has been removed and the sign has been painted over:

This sign on the left in Chillicothe, MO is gone now:

This sign in Independence, MO is gone now. The motel was demolished for a combo coffee & car wash place:

The sign originally had a nice horse and rider detail, a AAA logo, and lower neon panel:

This sign in Kansas City, MO is gone now:

The text panels on the sign at the same place:

have been painted black and the neon removed:

This sign in Mount Olive, NC is gone now:

This summer, the Pink Motel sign in Cherokee, NC was replicated. It looks pretty nice! The “Cable TV Pool” on the lower panel seems to be gone now. The Google car hasn’t been there yet but I managed to find this photo here:

Back soon with more!

Happy trails,
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Website Updating: Signs (Part 3 of many…)

I’m about halfway through the signs section now and I’ve got more than enough to report for one blog post.

This sign (and the entire building) in Canaan, CT are gone now:

This sign in High Springs, FL was looking pretty shabby in 2020:

But now… it’s been plasticized and renamed:

This sign in St. Petersburg, FL was apparently hit by a car last spring and then removed:

This rooftop sign at Rayco Upholstery in St. Petersburg, FL is gone now. The pole sign is still there:

This sign in Breese, IL is gone now:

Both of these signs in Centralia, IL are gone now:

This sign in Rantoul, IL and the motel itself are gone:

This fun sign in Indianapolis, IN had sweet little bubbles and a stirrer clock:

It’s now been adapted with this crappy remodeling:

It looks like this sign at Happy the Glass Man in Lexington, KY is gone now:

This sign in Louisville, KY is gone now:

This sign in Baton Rouge, LA is gone now:

This sign in Minden, LA is gone now:

The sputnik at this cleaners in Houma, LA is gone now. The sign is still there, with broken tubing. From the blue tarps on the roof, it looks like this business got battered by a recent hurricane:

This sign in LaPlace, LA:

was apparently also damaged by a hurricane:

This sign in New Orleans, LA is gone now:

This sign in New Orleans, LA is also gone now:

This sign in Shreveport, LA is gone now:

The Texan Family Restaurant chain had at least six locations in Michigan with these signs. This sign in Saginaw, MI was the last one left. It closed in 2018 and by 2019 the cowboy panels were gone and all that was left was the metal frame that held them:

Better than nothing though — Baldwin’s Smokehouse BBQ has moved in and added their twist to the sign:

Back soon with more signs.

Happy trails,
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Website Updating: Signs (Part 2 of many…)

Let’s wrap up the California signs. This one in Lake Isabella, CA:

StreetView showed it laying on its side in April. I gave them a call and was reassured to know that they were just redoing the roof. The sign was reinstalled:

This one in Lake Isabella, CA though is gone now — replaced with a NAPA Auto Parts store:

In Mission Hills, CA – the psychic is gone and so is this sign (and hand):

In the “Why Can’t They Just Leave Things Alone” category… I present the Stater Bros. supermarket sign in Riverside, CA:

This was done to the sign earlier this year:

This sign in Tehachapi, CA is gone now:

The Taco King restaurant in Upland, CA closed and the building was demolished. A Rally’s was built on the site but this sign remained as of October. I don’t know if the sign will be removed or adapted:

The neon on this sign in Long Beach, CA:

has been replaced with crappy plastic letters:

What the hell? I can’t find anything online about this but here’s what has happened to the Sutter Hotel sign in Oakland, CA. From this:

to this monstrosity for the “Found Residences.” Love the color, don’t you?:

This business in Sacramento, CA closed last year and this sign is gone:

This business in San Diego, CA closed in 2016. This sign stayed for a few years but it’s gone now:

This sign in San Francisco, CA

… is currently (at least as of March) covered with a crappy vinyl sign. I’m sure hoping they aren’t going to strip the text panel for some horribleness:

A couple of Canadian signs to report about. The Chez Plumet restaurant in Canton-de-Granby, QC had closed by 2018. This sign was removed last year and is now in a private collection:

This sign on the roof at the Garage Gene Venne in Loungeuil, QC appears to be gone now. I’m hoping it’s temporary but probably not. I’ll try calling them on Tuesday when they reopen:

Still many, many pages and posts to come from this section. I am going alphabetically through the states — picking up next with Colorado for the next post.

Happy trails in 2023!
dj & the dogs

Website Updating: Signs (Part 1 of ????)

Here come the signs! This one in Dothan, AL:

was adapted earlier this year (with backlit plastic letters):

The Pizza Parlour in Van Buren, AR panels were badly damaged in 2021. The two yellow balls on top were already long gone (the Alma, AR location still has them):

The good news is that they replaced the panels at all. Google View isn’t great but you can tell the panels are flat with a less-fun font:

This sign in North Little Rock, AR is gone now:

This sign in Douglas, AZ is gone now:

Also in Douglas, AZ: Ortega’s closed in 2018 and this sign is gone now:

And one more from Douglas, AZ — gone now:

The Westernaire Motel sign in Mesa, AZ has been repainted. The cylinders and arrow were yellow previously:

The Arizona Motel sign in Phoenix, AZ:

looks like crap now:

The Flash TV & Appliance store in Tucson, AZ had been closed for years:

The building has been adapted for The Flash apartments and the sign was restored:

This “Happy Bear” sign in Childress, TX is gone now:

Linbrook Family Billiards in Anaheim, CA is gone and so is this sign:

This sign in Bellflower, CA is gone now:

This sign in Chester, CA is gone now:

This sign in Colusa, CA is gone now:

This sign in Daly City, CA

has been reworked with plastic letters:

This tire sign in Encino, CA is gone now (a Big Brand Tire chain store there):

This one is painful. The sign in Garden Grove, CA:

now looks like this:

That’s enough for now — and I’m just getting started. I’m not even a quarter of the way thru the California signs. Back soon — I’ll be banging away throughout this 3-day weekend.

Happy trails,
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Website Updating: Gas Stations (Part 2 of 2)

I’ve got a nice big post to close out this section.

This former Gulf station in Bossier City, LA is gone now:

The former Conoco station in Kansas City, MO that housed the Coffee Break coffee shop began housing Tiki Taco earlier this year:

This former station in Caruthersville, MO is gone now:

This former Phillips 66 station in Brunswick, MO is gone now:

This former Pure Oil station in Columbia, MS is gone now:

The former Pure Oil station in Mocksville, NC now houses The Station General Store & Taproom:

The former Phillips 66 station in Clovis, NM has been demolished:

This former Texaco in Carlsbad, NM has been demolished:

The former Pure Oil station in Gallipolis, OH is now housing the Flour Girls Baking Company:

This little cutie in Norman, OK had been abandoned for years. It was demolished recently for a tea shop:

This former station in Oklahoma City, OK briefly housed the Neon Coffee Bar this year (April-December). It had some neon under the canopy and a modern “Neon” sign inside. The donuts looked incredible:

The little Art Deco tower on top of this former station in Pauls Valley, OK has been missing since last year:

This former Phillips 66 in Pryor, OK is gone now:

This former Pan-Am station in Cowan, TN has been demolished:

The Humble Oil station in Jefferson, TX was moved just south of town and restored:

This Humble Oil station in Texas City, TX has been demolished:

This former Gulf station in Beaumont, TX is basically gone now. The rare tower on the right, the canopy, and the porcelain enamel panels are gone:

This former Phillips 66 in Odessa, TX is missing the two canopies now:

The former Phillips 66 canopy in Selma, TX is also gone:

The former Panhandle Oil gas station in Wichita Falls, TX now houses an ATM:

A few months ago, this former station sign in Odessa, TX was removed and moved to Cook’s Garage in Lubbock, TX:

No fear of color! The former Magnolia station, now housing a car wash, in Lockhart, TX has been repainted:

This former station, now brewery, in Richmond, VA also got new paint:

This former Pure Oil station in Mount Jackson, VA has been spruced up for the Vase & Vine flower shop. Replica Gulf pumps and a sign were installed although I doubt this building ever housed a Gulf:

I’m now about 70% of the way thru this winter project with the two biggest sections to go (more than 800 pages to comb). The next post I’ll be moving on to the Signs section. After that, will be the Mid-Century Modern section.

Happy trails,
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