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This blog is a behind-the-scenes peek at the roadtrips that I take to gather photos for my website.  You’ll find photos here that don’t appear at the website:  things that don’t fit the categories or are not “worthy” of inclusion there.  There are also some photos of my doggie companions, the snacks eaten, nature, etc.

For many years, I only posted during these trips.  Each night, I uploaded about a dozen photos to Flickr.  After that, I wrote a blog post with another dozen or so photos.  Since these posts are written usually after midnight when I’m exhausted, you’ll have to excuse any bad grammar, incoherency, and rambling.

Since around 2012, I’ve been getting more sleep on these trips and posting once I get home.  It’s still the same format though:  about a dozen photos posted to Flickr and another dozen to a blog post from each day with a conclusionary final post with a summary of how much money was spent on gas, the number of miles driven, etc.

I hope you enjoy traveling along virtually with us on these trips.

—  Debra Jane Seltzer and sidekicks Sputnik, Gremlin & Griswold

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