about this blog

This blog is a behind-the-scenes peek at the roadtrips that I take to gather photos for my website.  You’ll find photos here that don’t appear at the website:  things that don’t fit the categories or are not “worthy” of inclusion there.  There are also some photos of my doggie companions, the snacks eaten, nature, etc.

For many years, I only posted during these trips.  Each night, I uploaded about a dozen photos to Flickr.  After that, I wrote a blog post with another dozen or so photos.  Since around 2012, I’ve been getting more sleep on these trips and posting once I get home.  It’s still the same format though:  about a dozen photos posted to Flickr and another dozen to a blog post from each day with a final post with a summary of how much money was spent on gas, the number of miles driven, etc.

I hope you enjoy traveling along virtually with us on these trips.

—  Debra Jane Seltzer and sidekicks Dilly, Grizzly (Griswold), Grem-Grem (Gremlin) & Nik (Sputnik)