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I just realized I hadn’t updated this page in quite awhile!  I do update the “What’s New” page at my website every few weeks or so but I’d completely forgotten about this blog page.  Let’s catch up!

2016There was a two-week trip to Washington & Oregon (with some northern California & tiny bit of Idaho thrown in).  Also many California trips.  Also loads of uploading/updating at the website and many blog posts.

2017.  There was a 17-day trip to Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.  Another 2,000 photos were added to the website.

The rest of the year, I’ll be busy adding links & updating things at my website.  There will also be a few smaller California trips this year.  There will be blog posts for them.

Also, I have a book about signs coming out very soon.  It will be out mid-September in the UK and in the Spring at U.S. bookstores & museums.  If you pre-order on-line, you should have it much sooner here in the States (by mid-October) — no shipping or taxes!:

.  There will be either a 3 or 4 week trip this summer to Texas and Oklahoma.  I might be able to sneak in some Louisiana, Mississippi and/or Arkansas.  But, most likely, those states will have to wait until 2019.  Stay tuned for dates & details at my “What’s New” page here:

2012 – 2015

I relocated to California at the end of 2012 and my current job does not allow much time off. For now, there are only weekend trips and some three and four day trips.  I took a two week trip this past summer to Nevada, Utah, and Idaho.  As usual, I posted highlights from each day here at my blog and over at Flickr (different photos at each place).

For 2015, there was a two week trip to Oregon and Washington.  Also lots of Northern California trips and other trips to the Bay area, Sacramento area, and Death Valley.


Maps customized by my traveling companions:



Keep an ear out for those barking dogs — and an eye out for Sparkle who’s running like a champ with more than 440,000 miles:



10 thoughts on “upcoming roadtrips

  1. hey agilitynut! I am LOVING your blogs and photos from this recent roadtrip. I have been telling friends in LA about your blog/dogs as well.
    Shame I can’t meet you in LA or CA. I’ll be in the states for a while working on some dog projects (LA based). If you do come through LA or CA again please let me know so I can interview you for my website 🙂

    • It’s always nice to know I have fans! It’s a lot of work after 1am when I should be sleeping. It’s a long drive from NYC to CA so I probably won’t be back there for a couple more years yet. I did a pretty thorough trip there in 2008. But my list is growing of things that I missed. What I post to the blog and Flickr is just a teensy sampling of the stuff that goes to the website (RoadsideArchitecture.com). Most of the stuff at the blog is the sort of thing that doesn’t go to the website though.

  2. My nephew steered me to your website this morning, and I’m delighted. Not only do I love personal blogs, but I once went through a phase of collecting signs with misspellings. (smile) Also, I once owned and operated a dog grooming salon, so your dogs are of special interest to me. Anyway, thanks. It will take me weeks (months? years?) to read all your posts, but I look forward to it.

    PS Is one of your dogs a miniature pinscher?

    • Thanks — glad you are enjoying my blog. Not sure if that’s what you meant by “website” which is a different thing. Some people use the words website and blog interchangably. My site is the big magilla (RoadsideArchitecture.com). This blog is just a nightly thing while I’m on big roadtrips. I also post to Flickr nightly with a handful of photos from that same day (agilitynut is the member name).

      Luckily, none of my dogs require grooming. With the trouble they get into – and my limited time/finances, that’s a good thing! Yes, Grem (Gremlin) is a MinPin. A rescue and a devil of a dog. Most people don’t recognize her breed since they left her ears and tail alone.

  3. Looking forward to your trip to Upper mid-west. We completed a similar trip in 2009. If you would like, I can link you to my travel journal for the trip (and others). It might give you some ideas on stops.

    • Glad you’re enjoying my blog (and site, too, I assume). A bit late in the game here to take a peek at your “travel journal” — a vet appt. today, work tonight, and then I leave tonight around 3am. Not to worry about “ideas” for this trip. I have been to these states many times before & they are already well-represented at my site. My towering stack of lists & maps has been all organized for months now. Tons of new stuff to shoot & loads of stuff to reshoot. Please send Sparkle’s A/C healthy vibes as this looks like a very demanding trip. 103 expected today in NYC and not much cooler where we’re headed. Hope you enjoy tagging along with us.

  4. Hello, I just found your blog when doing a google search for “vintage rooftop signs Chicago”. I love your photos and documentation of the past and memories the items could be holding. I’m a painter and I’m planning a new work with Chicago rooftop signs, the type with chains and angle iron supports. I’d like to reference some of your photos for my painting. Do you have a blog link to these type of signs? Thank you.

    • I’m not sure what you’re looking for. My blog, if you read further, is just a sampling of what is at my website: http://www.RoadsideArchitecture.com
      Actually, my blog really only shows the “lesser” signs that aren’t quite the quality subjects that appear at my site.
      If you really want to make a donation for using my work for your paintings, you might give a credit to my site somewhere — and consider making a donation towards my efforts and expenses. There are no annoying ads at my website or blog. Donations can be made to my PayPal account which is the same as my email address: agilitynut@hotmail.com

      Although many Chicago signs use support systems that are anchored to the roof and walls, I wouldn’t call them rooftop signs unless they are truly on the roof. You might want to check out my “Scaffold Signs” Flickr group to see what I mean:

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