Upcoming Roadtrips

2023. The dogs and I will be taking a five-week Midwest trip from June 9 – July 13, which will include Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and some Illinois.  Every night, I will be posting a small sampling of photos taken that day at Instagram.

2024.  Tentative plans are for a five-week trip to Tennessee, Kentucky, and the Carolinas.


Winter Project 2022/2023. I combed my website for dead external links, and the map links to see what changed (repainted, demolished, etc.) and updated the descriptions throughout the nearly 3,000 webpages.  I added posts to this blog with some of these good news/bad news discoveries.

2022. The dogs and I took a five-week June/July trip to Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Colorado.  As I have done on other trips, I posted a few photos taken that day to Instagram each night while I was on the road.  The other 4,000+ photos from these trips are gradually uploaded to my website when I return home.  I also post a sampling of about a dozen photos from each day of shooting here at my blog and to Flickr (different photos posted to the blog and Flickr).

For more detailed updates about my website & other stuff, check out the What’s New  page at my website.

If you’re into signs, you might enjoy my book “Vintage Signs of America” which was published in 2018.  You can buy it at online at Amazon, bookstores, etc. but it’s usually cheaper directly from the publisher:


My website (roadarch.com) has been my focus for nearly 25 years now.  This blog is meant as a much smaller-scale companion which includes many places/things not “worthy” of my website.  These maps from 2007 (pre-Google Maps) were customized by my traveling buddies:



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