Day 6: A viewing tip

I’ve futzed around with the html code and can’t seem to make the photos in this blog open to a new window no matter what I do. I’ve used the same coding that I use for my website but that doesn’t help. So the best I can do is pass along this tip: if you want to see the photos full size, hover over them, right mouse click, and click on “open link in a new window”. Then just kill that separate window when you’re done looking at it. Hope that helps same some ridiculously long reload time and leads to a more enjoyable experience!

Time to get on the road now…

4 thoughts on “Day 6: A viewing tip

  1. ….in which DJ alienates all of the people who are Mac users and up til now have felt as equal with PC users when viewing this blog ::: throws apple at Sparkle :::

  2. Oh, I’m just making a funny. My mouse has no right click – so we Mac users must press buttons if we want to open the pics full size.

  3. How ignorant of me — I’m sure a hardcore mouse/PC user! Are any of you able to click on the pictures in the Day 5 post (just before this one) and have them open to a separate window? I’ve looked at other WordPress blogs and it seems everybody is using unclick-able photos. Probably to copyright-protect and all. Guess I’ll continue to live dangerously.

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