Hey folks!

I just switched this blog over from blogspot.com (aka blogger) to WordPress.   Hopefully, this will make things easier for me on upcoming trips and give me more options.  At some point, I’ll have to go back and tidy up some of the quirks from importing the old posts to this format. 

Right now, I’m getting ready for a two week roadtrip (March 7-22).  Just enough time to thaw out from this long & miserable winter.  The focus on this trip will be on SC, GA & FL stuff.  Of course, the dogs are coming!  As usual, I’ll be posting here and uploading some photos to my Flickr stream nightly.  This map is a simplication of the route we’ll be taking.  I hope you’ll enjoy tagging along on-line.



10 thoughts on “Hey folks!

  1. i just wanted to say …i have spent most of today,viewing your work…i think it’s fantastic!!!! please keep doing what you do…it’s very important work!!! if you ever come back thru indpls i have a large pink elephant with a martini glass i want to show you…if i get my scanner working i can send you a bunch of shots of U.S. 40 motels i shot in the 80’s…most of them are torn down now…..thanks again….david e.

    • Jeff: I’m liking the new digs!
      David: Thanks — glad you are enjoying my stuff (I assume you found the link to the website? RoadsideArchitecture.com). I will be spending some time in Indiana this summer on a big Midwest roadtrip. Do you mean the Fortville elephant (http://agilitynut.com/critters/ele.html)? The focus of my website is pretty much on “what’s left” rather than “what was”. But if you have any old photos of stuff that’s still around — or particularly remarkable stuff, I’d love to have a look.

    • Thanks! The format & looks are a big step up from the old blog. The header/title “thingy” is something I made from a photo taken in Wisconsin. Yes, that’s the steering wheel & wiper, taken at about 80mph. Okay, so I’m a bit reckless sometimes. So far, I’m liking the editing, adding process at WordPress better than Blogspot. And I won’t have to stick those hideous ******s all over to make the photos behave and keep text from wrapping around them. I have to insert extra returns at WordPress but it gets the job done.

  2. Have loved your photos for years! Glad to see the new look of the blog! I can comment easier! (I didn’t have a Google account before but often thought of getting one to comment ’cause I did read)
    You really have an awesome collection of roadside photos. You inspire many I am sure, myself included. Hope the upcoming trip brings you some great new finds.

    • Thanks — glad you are enjoying my photos & blog. I’m liking the looks & editing tools here at WordPress much better and I’m anxious to take it on the road. With the recent big snowstorm & sub-freezing temperatures here in NYC, I’m counting down the hours!

  3. I recently returned from a northeastern road trip over spring break, so I must say that I find your blog to be an inspiration. I only hope that I can someday hit the road once again for a trip out west. Have an great trip down here in the South. Hopefully it will stay warm for you!

    • Spring break in the Northeast? Do people do that? There sure are loads of “Breakers” here in FL that’s for sure. Glad you find my blog inspirational. If you wind your way back in my blog (and Flickr) to last spring & summer, I did two big West Coast trips. Hopefully, that’ll give you some ideas of things to add to your list of things to check out when you get the chance. Warm AND sunny today — yay!

      • That’s the same response I got from most of my friends when I told them about our intended northern route. The initial idea was to head west to Texas via the deep south, however, the other members of the group out-voted me and decided heading north would be fun. Plus, there were many more opportunities to stay at the homes of friends and families up north than if we had gone west. I will definitely try and check out your west coast trips. Best wishes for the remainder of your trip.

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