Website Updating: Mid-Century Modern Buildings (Part 1 of ???)

Let’s start on the biggest and final section. I’m hoping to wrap up this project by the end of the month. I’m about halfway through the approximately 500 pages.

The former Ortega’s Indian Market souvenir shop dome building in Lupton, AZ is gone now:

This building in Los Banos, CA is gone now:

This former Suzuki Motorcycles dealer in Santa Fe Springs, CA had been boarded up for many years. The building is gone now:

This former Salvation Army Chapel in Miami, FL has been demolished:

This Jiffy Food store in Perry, FL

was vacant and had been painted when the Google car drove by in June. A shame that the original diamonds are covered but at least the zigzag roof is still there:

This supermarket in Marshalltown, IA has been replaced with a boxy, modern version:

Weller’s Dry Cleaners in Silver Spring, MD closed about a year ago and these great panels have all been painted beige:

An equal or greater crime is what they did to the sign. At least they left the clock. From this:

to this:

The former Safeway in Red Bluff, CA has been demolished:

The YMCA Building in Davenport, IA was demolished was last spring:

The Totem Bowl in Marshalltown, IA closed in 2016. now houses Wayward Social. Although the place still has bowling, these tile murals are gone:

The former First Federal Savings & Loan in Kewanee, IL

now houses Regional Media. Those original panels are gone and the sign has been replaced. The same shapes were repeated inside for the stairs, teller windows, etc. Such an unforgiveable, historical shame. And, of course, today’s fave paint color choices seem to be either beige, grey, or black….

This Illinois Central School Bus building in Gary, IN is gone now:

I’ll be back soon with more.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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