Website Updating: Signs (Part 7 of 7)

Let’s finish off the Signs section with this mega post.

This sign in El Campo, TX is gone:

This sign in Greenville, TX is gone now:

This Masonic Lodge sign in Greenville, TX is also gone:

This motel in Laredo, TX was demolished in 2022 and this sign is gone now:

This sign in Longview, TX is gone now:

This only-one-left “Associate Store” 7-Eleven sign in New Boston, TX had only a single panel for years but it’s gone now:

This sign in Paris, TX is gone now:

This restaurant in Tyler, TX has been closed since 2013:

The letters are falling over now:

and the pole sign is at a mysterious and dangerous lean:

This Catfish Parlour sign in Austin, TX was created by Evan Voyles of Neon Jungle in 1973. That location closed about a year ago and the sign is gone:

This modern sign in Austin, TX is also gone now. This location closed in 2019:

This sign in Dallas, TX:

is now missing the arrow and looks like it’s hanging on by a thread:

These signs in Dallas, TX are gone now. A restaurant soon to take its place:

In October, this sign in Woods Cross, UT was removed. It will be installed in a customer’s backyard and will supposedly be visible from the Woods Cross City Hall:

This sign in Ogden, UT is gone now. The motel was demolished and a fast food restaurant is being built:

This sign in Ogden, UT is also gone now:

Diamond Lil’s in Salt Lake City, UT closed in 2013. In 2021, the building was destroyed by a fire. It was recently demolished and the sign is gone now:

This sign in Bluefield, VA is gone now. The Cotton’s letters are still on the building:

This sign in Pullman, WA is gone now:

The Italian Kitchen sign in Spokane, WA is now in a private collection:

This midcentury canopy and the sign in Yakima, WA are gone. A furniture store is there now.

This sign in Poynette, WI is gone now:

This sign in Milwaukee, WI is gone now:

And that’s a wrap! I’ll be back soon enough as we start on the Mid-Century Modern Buildings section.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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