Website Updating: Signs (Part 6 of many…)

I think there will be one more post after this one. Only 55 more Sign section pages to comb!

This motel was demolished in 2015 and this sign in Olean, NY is gone now:

This sign in Dayton, OH is gone now:

This sign in Hamilton, OH is gone now:

This sign in Ironton, OH is gone now:

This sign in Woodward, OK is gone now:

The Hi-Lo Club closed in 2022 and these two signs in Oklahoma City, OK:

have had the neon and bulbs removed while the building is being remodeled:

This sign in Oklahoma City is apparently gone. The company might have moved to Yukon, OK but I don’t know if they sign was moved there:

This former neon sign in Jenkintown, PA was moved just a few feet away in 2022 when the store expanded. Supposedly, during the moving process, it fell apart:

The owners had the sign replicated with aluminum panels. It now has LED tubing instead of neon. The reader board and three rods are gone now:

This sign in Ligonier, PA was replicated after this 2007 photo:

The new sign from 2013 looked very nice. But the pole became unstable and it was put in City storage in 2022. Hopefully, they’ll get it back up.

These Rexall signs in Mount Olive, NC are gone now:

This sign in West Columbia, SC:

Had this interesting vinyl cover when the Google car drove by in September:

So, here’s an interesting local article:

If you are anywhere near there, there will be a relighting on January 10:

Here’s the “tease” for the about-to-be-uncovered restoration:

This sign in Milan, TN is gone now:

This neon extension “girl pig” was on top of the Brad’s Bar-B-Q sign in Moscow, TN. A Mexican restaurant is there now and this sign is gone.

That’s quite enough for one post. Be back soon.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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