Website Updating: Mid-Century Modern Buildings (Part 2 of 2)

And here it is! My last post from this grueling annual updating project. The past two months, I’ve obsessively combed all approximately 3,000 pages at my website ( and checked every link and map to get things as current as possible. Here’s the last bit of news below from the Mid-Century section.

The First United Methodist Church in Corinth, MS was demolished this summer:

This former Amy Joy Donuts building in Bedford Heights, OH was demolished last year. It had been vacant since 2015 and last housed New Orleans Seafood:

This building in Hurst, TX:

has been painted black — or I guess it could be a very dark blue:

This former Sav-on Cleaners in Houston, TX has been demolished:

The American Motor Inn Motel in Snyder, TX was closed and being remodeled last year. The diamond features are gone now:

It was part of a chain with locations in at least Texas and New Mexico. Many of the locations, like this one in Big Spring, TX (long gone) had giant signs:

Most of the Jif-E-Mart convenience store locations in San Antonio, TX are very run down now. But this recently adapted location looks pretty nice as a H&R Block tax office:

This lovely bank building with cast concrete screens in Wenatchee, WA was vacant in 2018. Last year, it began housing retail space — guess what color they painted it?

You guessed it! Dark gray. Okay so making buildings as drab as possible instead of tearing them down is, I guess, a glass half-full:

The Rosa Flower Shop building in Monroe, WI is gone now:

There you go! The next time you hear from me in these posts, it will be “good” news since it will be things that still exist. That probably won’t be until the spring when I start my roadtest-roadtrips to test Gator’s mechanical shape for the big, five-week summer trip to the Midwest.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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