Website Updating: Art Deco and Streamline Moderne Buildings

The good news: after combing the 143 pages in this section, I don’t have a lot of bad news.

The former Sterling Cleaners sign in Burlingame, CA has been repainted yet again. Earlier this year, it went from blue to pink. Now, it’s brown to signify the new tenant of Natural Bronzing. The building used to be white which was nicer. Dark grey is so hideously trendy these days:

The former Moxley Veterinary Clinic in Los Angeles, CA is apparently being gutted. I don’t know if the sign tower will return or if the Art Deco animal reliefs are being preserved:

Here’s what it looked like at Street View in May:

This church in San Diego, CA has been demolished:

This sweet little building in Macon, MO was attached to quonset hut. It’s gone now:

This former Fire Station in Muskogee, OK:

has been restored. I wish the lettering had been preserved:

This Fire Station in Tulsa, OK has also been restored as an event center:

The Nuway Laundry building in Oklahoma City, OK:

has been painted a brown or gray – why?!?!:

I haven’t gotten to shoot this one yet — but the details on the former John’s Meat Market & Grocery building’s in Portland, OR:

have been painted over — again, why?!?!

This building in Rockport, TX has been demolished for a huge art museum:

I’ll be moving on to the Movie Theatres section next.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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