Website Updating: People Statues

The Capri Italian Restaurant in Eagle Rock, CA closed in 2019. This statue is gone now:

These knights in Port Charlotte, FL appear to have weathered a tornado and/or hurricane or two. My photo from 2021:

And now just one knight laying in the grass:

This cute sign in Orlando, FL appears to be gone now:

This bugeler statue at the Presidents Hall of Fame in Clermont, FL appears to be gone now:

The International Fiberglass Paul Bunyan statue in Roanoke, VA has a new paint job. Google Street View has blurred the face:

The Daniel Boone (Pioneer) statue in Hillsborough, NC is gone now:

The Mortimer Snerd statue in Beaumont, TX:

has a new paint job:

This Indian statue in San Diego is gone now:

This Cherokee Indian statue from 1985 in St. Louis, MO was removed last year after it was found to be an offensive representation:

This Indian statue in Sultan, WA has been restored and installed next to the highway and a pedestrian bridge. He was pretty rough when I took photos in 2016:

and now:

The Indian Drummers in Sisseton, SD

have been painted:

This leprechaun statue at Lucky Coin in Metairie, LA is missing right now. I don’t know if the company has closed or if repairs are being made:

The toy soldier in Sherborn, MA is gone now:

However, these statues which were originally displayed at Shoppers World in Framingham, MA during the holidays have been recreated:

The Big John statue in Walls, MS looks like it’s been repainted again. Here he was in 2019:

and now:

Earlier this year, the Pep Boys in Wilmington, DE gave up one of its buildings to an Advance Auto Parts. This statue was removed. I have no idea where it wound up:

The business and this Santa in Trenton, FL are gone now:

The business and these Snowmen in Stillwater, OK are gone now:

This statue in San Jose, CA is gone now:

That’s it for the People Statues! The next blog post, I’ll be moving on to the Art Deco/Streamline Moderne Buildings section. I have six more sections but they are biggies. To be precise, I am only 38% done with this project. To come, in order (and in order of their size): Movie Theatres, Eateries, Gas Stations, Signs, and then Mid-Century Modern Buildings.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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