Website Updating: More Animal Statues

Cappiello Dairy Products in Schenectady, NY closed earlier this year after 101 years and this statue is gone:

This Rockview Farms in Lakewood, CA has closed and this statue and statue are gone:

Apparently, only one member of this cow family at the Rockview plant in South Gate, CA is left and it looks like it’s been repainted:

The crab succulent sculpture in San Francisco, CA has been replaced with a sea lion succulent sculpture:

A giant crab in Rockport, TX was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. A replica was built last year:

This cute/creepy elephant statue in Novato, CA is gone now:

This long-neglected giant marlin statue in Tarpon Springs, FL:

has been repainted by the new Shaka restaurant:

The fish sculpture in Burney, CA:

has been painted:

This catfish in Parsons, TN is gone now:

This giant gator and the building that he rested on in Panama City Beach, FL are gone now:

Christesen’s Western & English Saddlery in Pleasanton, CA closed last year and this horse is gone:

The Overland Stagecoach from 1971 that was in Overland Park, KS was moved late last year to Independence, MO:

This crawfish in Lake Arthur, LA:

only had one claw left last year (hurricane?):

But he was rebuilt earlier this year:

The giant mouse in Chippewa Falls, WI is gone now:

This moose statue in Land O’ Lakes, WI is gone now:

This pig in Lake Worth, FL is gone now:

This pig in Montgomery, TX is gone now:

This razorback hog in Benton, AR was one of two statues which are gone now:

This rabbit in Odessa, TX is gone now:

This clam in Toms River, NJ is gone now:

That’s it for the Animals. The next post will cover People Statues.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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