Website Updating: Mini Golf, Diners, and some Animal Statues

The R-Tee Golf in Chenango Bridge, NY is gone now. It had lots of classic obstacles and statues like these:

From the Diners section… the Welcome Diner in Phoenix, AZ was vacant for a few years:

Last year, it began housing The Garfield Phoenix:

This Valentine diner in Ellinwood, KS was looking pretty shabby:

The siding was removed and it’s looking a bit nicer now. I don’t know if any of the interior’s built-shelves, counters, or stools are still there.

Mattie’s Diner in Charlotte, NC was originally located in New Jersey. In 2008, it was moved to Charlotte where it opened in 2010. It closed after just a few years and went into storage again. A new location was found and it reopened in April. It’s good to see it back in use again:

Moving on to the Animal Statues section. This orangutan statue in Natchitoches, LA is gone now. There are still three other examples of these that I know of in Memphis, TN, Roseville, OH and Olin, IA.

This bear in Sonora, CA is gone:

This Snowball-Throwing Polar Bear in Nashville, TN was missing an arm and looking pretty shabby:

But he’s now been restored!

This Broaster Chicken in Marshalltown, IA is gone now:

This statue in Napa, CA was located at the Red Hen Cantina. The restaurant has closed and the statue is gone:

This “classic” rooster in Pearl River, MS is gone now:

The giant flamingo in Baltimore, MD was installed at the Cafe Hon for 20 years. The restaurant closed in April and the statue is in storage. It is hoped that it will be reinstalled in the same neighborhood at some point.

This wood-carved bird in Westport, OR is gone now:

This statue at the Cardinal Motel in Bowling Green, KY

is still there and in good shape. The motel itself was destroyed in a December 2021 tornado but it is being rebuilt:

That’s it for the bird statues but I still have lots of other animal pages to go through. Be back soon.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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