Website Updating: Dinosaurs, Department Stores, and Car Dealerships

These dinosaurs at the Petrified Rock Garden in Holbrook, AZ are gone now:

and all of the petrified wood is gone also. (Not to worry: the dinosaurs at the larger Rainbow Rock Shop just down the street are still there.)

This guy in Fort Walton Beach, FL appears to be gone now:

Moving on to the Department Stores section. This J.C. Penney in Delano, CA closed in 2020. The letters on the building and sign have been removed:

The Kress Building in Iola, KS has been restored. Here’s a photo I took in 2010:

And now from Google Street View:

A slightly better view from Thrive Allen County:

Moving on to the Car Dealership section. The former Winslow Ford building in Winslow, AZ sat vacant for many years:

Earlier this year, it was remodeled and the plate glass windows are all gone:

This canopy in Titusville, FL was built for Gus Faulk Chevrolet. It was demolished earlier this year.

The Len Pollak Buick dealership building in Gary, IN was built in 1969:

This building was demolished a few months ago:

The Lyons Auto Company building in Grand Forks, ND was demolished along with the other buildings on the block in February. A new development with retail and residential space will be built:

That’s enough for now. The next sections up will be Mini Golf, Diners, and maybe more.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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