Website Updating: Giant Stuff

This is a big post from combing 55 very dense pages. And like so many of these winter posts, it’s mostly losses. But consider the hundreds of wonderful things in this section that I’m not reporting about that are still out there. For now.. Shoot ’em while you can!

From the Body Parts pages, this Giant Vertebrae in Metamora, IL is gone now:

This Giant Boot on top of a memorial in Gibsonton, FL is missing now:

From the Fake Castles pages — the Kidz Kastle building in Dothan, AL is gone now:

The former Beverage Castle in Riverview, FL:

has been painted black for the El Patio Hookah Lounge:

This cute little building in Lacombe, LA is gone now:

The castle buildings in Clovis, NM were demolished earlier this year:

The 2nd floor castle details were removed from this building in Albuquerque, NM earlier this year:

The Hot Dog Castle in Abilene, TX was built in 1975. It has housed many other restaurants since then and been repainted as many times. In 2011, as The Forge, the turrets were more prominent before the addition to the front:

Here’s the latest look from this year as Stonewalls Pizza Wings & Things:

The Leisure World giant globe in Silver Spring, MD:

has been painted bright green:

The property on which this giant globe resides in Savannah, GA was sold last year:

The buildings were demolished earlier this year and the moon mailbox is missing. There are plans to build a Parker’s Kitchen, a Starbucks and Chick-fil-A on the property. The globe will be staying!

This sign and giant cartridge in Roe, AR are gone now:

From the Icebergs and Igloos pages. It appears that the canopy roof of the Crystal Ice Company building in Pensacola, FL collapsed earlier this year. The building is listed on the National Register and has been protected behind chain link fencing for years. Here’s hoping that someone will get right on the situation and make the necessary repairs:

This Iceberg Ice & Water stand in Fredericksburg, TX was recently replaced with a boring box-shaped Twice the Ice stand. Fortunately, there’s another one of these in Rosenberg, TX.

The Giant Horseshoe in Kissimmee, FL is gone now:

The giant saw in Lafayette, LA is gone now:

In 2021, Public Storage bought the All Storage chain. The company’s giant cardboard boxes have all been repainted with the new name. Here are the two in Fort Worth, TX:

The box in White Settlement, TX:

And the one in Plano, TX:

From the Paint Cans page — this one in Springfield, MA is gone now:

The paint can in Tucson, AZ is also gone:

These paint cans in Anniston, AL are also gone:

From the Giant Ships pages, this building in Watkins Glen, NY is gone now:

This Giant Skate in Wilburton, OK is gone now:

From the Fake Windmills pages… recently, the sign at the Towne Crier in Clovis, NM was replaced and the windmills blades were covered with other new signs. The Towne Crier was built in 1970 as the Zuider Zee seafood restaurant. The Towne Crier moved into the building in 1984. Here are a couple of “before” photos:

and here is the “after”:

Let’s end this post with some good news. The Old Dutch Store in Salt Lake City, UT opened in 1978 and this windmill might have been built then:

In 2021, the building was repainted and the signs were replaced. A new windmill was under construction:

In September from the store’s FB page, no blades yet but I assume those are coming:

Moving on next time to Dinosaurs and Department Stores.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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