Website Updating: SCA Companion Pages and Tire Stores

I’ve only got a couple of signs to report on from the Donuts pages. The Dutch Girl Donuts shop in Detroit, MI closed in 2021 and this skeleton sign is gone now:

This Shipley Do-Nuts in Greenville, MS has closed and the sign is gone now. I believe the only sign like this left is the one in Houston, TX:

This Federal Electric sectional sign in Florence, AZ is gone now:

From the Pizza Chef page…. Earlier this year, this former Pizza Inn “Spin Man” (aka Jo Jo) sign in Littlefield, TX….

was repainted for the new tenant. It’s a real shame because I think that was the only surviving sign like this that was still on public display:

From the Reddy Kilowatt page… This store in Pasadena, CA closed in 2021 and this sign is gone now.

From the Sputnik Signs pages. This sign and sputnik in San Antonio, TX are gone now:

Moving on to the Tire Stores section. This Firestone in Crown Point, IN:

is now housing an antiques store and the Firestone signs have been removed:

This Firestone building in Brooklyn, NY was demolished earlier this year:

This sign in Grand Saline, TX is gone now:

It looks like the O.K. Tire chain has a new ultra-boring logo and that they have begun replacing their old signs. Both locations in Twin Falls, ID have replaced these:

with these:

I fear for the signs at the locations like this one in Wellington, TX which is still there right now:

The Pope Tire sign at the long closed store in Fresno, CA is gone now:

That’s a wrap for now. The next post will be covering Giant Stuff and possibly other sections.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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