Website Updating: Movie Theatres

This is a big post – filled with heartbreaks, unfortunate/inexplicable makeovers, and a few bits of good news.

The Reel Joy Theatre in King City, CA had been closed for decades. This marquee is gone now:

The long-closed Grove Theatre sign in Lindsay, CA:

has been painted white — why they kept the neon… who knows. Maybe Google Street View car caught it as they were repainting it?

The former Cove Theatre in Orange Cove, CA has housed a church for many years. The Cove letters are gone now:

The Century Plaza Theatre in South San Francisco, CA had been closed since 2008. These domes were demolished late last year:

The Fox Theatre in La Junta, CO was painted white until recently — you guessed it, now gray!

The Rook Theatre in Cheyenne, OK has a new marquee sign based on the original. My photo from 2006 when it had already been closed for many years:

Then, this photo from 2011 when it was housing a video store:

Restoration began in 2019…The original facade from the The Rook’s FB page:

and now the replica sign from 2021 from GoogleStreetView. The interior is still being restored but it is hosting special events and still actively raising funds:

The Venetian Theatre in Hillsboro, OR has been through a lot since it was built in 1911 as the Grand Theatre. It later operated as the Liberty Theatre before becoming the Venetian Theatre. After that, it became the Town Theatre. Then, in 2008, it began housing the Venetian Theatre Bistro, a theatre and restaurant. The current sign was built then but the original facade (well, the top half anyway) was still visible:

Until last year when they covered it up (and the building next door) with this junk:

The indignity of it all. The former Rex Theatre in Borger, TX has housed retail space below for many years but the nice Art Deco upper half remained:

But now, this crap is covering up half of it:

The Rialto Theatre in Brownfield, TX had a faded but nice Western campfire scene above the marquee:

It’s been replaced with this crazy Van Gogh Starry Night style painting now — but, hey, it looks like the neon was restored!

The long-closed Lyric Theatre in Terrell, TX has also been repainted. From this:

to this:

The former Oaks Theatre in Columbus, TX had grimy white paint for many years. It was repainted earlier this year. Seafoam is much nicer than gray!

The Strand Theatre in Marlin, TX has been closed since at least the 1980s. The sign was removed earlier this year. I’m assuming it’s gone for good because the steel supports attached to the building are gone as well:

The 25th St. Theatre in Waco, TX was demolished…

but a similar building and a replica sign with different text were built on the site for a new fire station:

The Poly Theatre in Fort Worth, TX:

has been refurbished somewhat and is up for sale. It’s been repainted and the sign has been patched up. The ticket booth and the POLY letters on the left are gone:

The Guild 45th St. Theatre in Seattle, WA has been closed since 2017. This sign was destroyed in 2021. Some of the letters were saved:

The building will likely be destroyed but here’s what it looks like now:

The LaBelle Theatre in South Charleston, WV looked like this in 2012:

It’s now owned by the city and I guess they thought this makeover was an improvement — oof:

Be back next time with Eateries.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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