June/July Trip – Day #26 (More Nebraska)

I’ve got about a week’s worth of photos from this trip to add to my website (so, another 7 or so companion blog posts here). My goal is to finish up this project by Thanksgiving.

On with the show! This Masonic Lodge sign is in Fairbury has backlit reverse painted glass panels:

This Masonic Lodge sign is in Falls City:

This one is also in Falls City:

This sign is in Tecumseh:

This one is in Beatrice. It’s been repainted a number of times and I don’t know what business it originally advertised for:

This one is in Lincoln at Castle Drive-in Beer & Liquors. The top panel which reads “Spirits” may have had the original business name:

A few more signs from Lincoln. Note the neon at the bottom alternates between “Beer” and “Liquor”:

Ace Rent to Own was established around 1982. I assume that this sign was adapted, but maybe not. The boxy part on top with the playing cards appears to have revolved:

The photo studio is long gone but the sign remains:

This one in Fairmont used to read “Food” on front and back. Whatever the business was, it’s long gone:

This one is in Fairbury. It’s now K&D Liquor although it still reads “Rick’s Still”:

This one in Geneva had been in storage for years and was finally refurbished & installed:

One more sign — this one in Friend:

Some non-signs. This praying mantis and grasshopper are made from car bumpers and installed in Lincoln:

The former A&W Papa Burger at the Dairy Sweet in Auburn:

A vacant motor bank in Falls City. The drive-thru is under that cool canopy:

An Art Deco fraternity building in Lincoln:

The Joyo Theatre in Lincoln:

Back soon with the last Nebraska installment before we move on to Colorado.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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