June/July Trip – Day #27 (More Nebraska)

The last full day of Nebraska for this trip.

This sign originally advertised for the Hotel Leslie in Superior:

This sign in Grand Island advertised for Bartenbach’s Paints originally:

Another sign from Grand Island:

This sign is in Nelson:

This American Legion sign is in Fullerton:

This one is in North Loop:

This wooden sign with cleaver and meat is in Sargent:

This Masonic Lodge is in Kearney:

Another sign from Kearney:

This Superior Electrical Advertising bulb arrow sign is in Cairo at a closed junk shop:

This former Ku-Ku sign is in Gibbon:

It would have looked like this one in Miami, OK originally:

This Rexall sign in Minden now has LED rope instead of neon:

It breaks my heart to see the covered wagon and oxen in Kearney in such bad shape. They had been restored just a few years ago:

This former garage is in Central City. The terra cotta details were covered by a giant canopy until around 2018:

This former gas station is in Taylor:

This building in Hastings originally housed a First National Bank. The City bought the building in 1984.

This little folded plate building is just across the street from the former bank above. I can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t a companion motor bank:

This theatre is in Superior. The neon has been replaced with LED rope:

Lastly, this building in Hastings was built in 1949 for Mouer’s Restaurant:

It began housing Keith’s Drive-in Drugs in 1979. These signs must be from then:

Back soon with the last bit of Nebraska and then Colorado.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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