June/July Trip – Day #25 (More Nebraska)

This was a very productive day — loads of Omaha and other cities.

This former Champlin gas station sign in Columbus was painted over for Geno’s Bait:

The pump canopy is also still there:

This Royal Inn sign is also in Columbus:

This sign is in Fremont. It was originally a Max I. Walker Cleaners:

It originally looked like this one in Omaha:

This shabby sign in Omaha…:

… was originally a Ford A-1 used car neon sign:

I have no idea where this sign was installed originally but it is now displayed inside Billy Frogg’s Grill & Bar in Omaha:

I love the signs and statues at the King Kong locations in Omaha:

This modern version of the famous La Casa Pizzaria sign on Leavenworth was built in 2019 for the S. 168th St. location in Omaha:

This sign is at Key Cleaners in Omaha:

This sign at Johnny Sortino’s Pizza Parlor in Omaha is a modern version of the original sign…:

… from 1965:

Some more Omaha signs:

This sign:

was originally installed in Villisca, IA at the Marsh Motel, later the Circle J Motel. The tattoo studio owner found the sign at a junkyard and had it adapted for his business in 2013.

The State Theatre sign is in Auburn:

Many of you in California may be familiar with Salinas-based John Cerney super realistic mural signs. This one in Fremont is the only Cerney sign in Nebraska:

This sign is also in Fremont. The store which opened in 1925 closed last year but the sign is still there for now:

This Fraternal Oder of Eagles in Fremont was built from 1949-1950:

The original sign has ripple tin panels:

This multi-dome building in Columbus appears to be mid-century:

This Fire Station in Omaha was built from 1965-1968:

The incredible former Union Station in Omaha (now the Durham Museum):

This windmill in Fremont was built in 1929 as part of a gas station/motor court in Silver Creek, NE:

It was moved to Fremont in 1982 for the Wooden Windmill Restaurant which closed earlier this year:

Let’s close with a few statues. This three-dimensional version of Peppi, based on the original La Casa Pizzaria sign, was built for the Grover St. location in Omaha around 2014:

This 33-foot-tall “Looking Up” sculpture is located in Council Bluffs, IA:

Omar the Troll is located under the Kerry Pedestrian Bridge in Omaha:

More Nebraska soon…

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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