June/July Trip – Day #24 (Nebraska)

I’ve got about nine more days of shooting to add to my website. So, about 9 more blog posts as well before I move on to the grueling but important winter project: checking every single link and map at my website for updates. There will be lots of depressing blog posts here simultaneously with that effort. But for now, let’s focus on things that are still out there rather than removed or demolished.

Let’s start with this sign in Thedford. There used to be an arrow-shaped sign on the building next door to the motel for the Arrow Cafe but that sign is gone now:

This sign is in Neligh:

This one is also in Neligh. I guess the canopy which has been there for years protects the neon:

This faded beauty is in Norfolk:

The Benson Hotel sign is in Oakland. For more opal glass signs, see my website here:


This sign is in Hartington. Although the remaining neon has been removed, it was repainted recently and looks pretty nice. The hotel is owned and used by the local vets that appear on the show “Heartland Docs”:

This modern sign is in Butte:

This sign is in Pender. It originally just read “HOTEL” when it was installed for the Palace Hotel. The wording was changed when the building was renovated and adapted for apartments:

Moving on to some buildings. This is located in Oakland:

This former gas station is in Bristow:

This former dealership is in Springview:

This former gas station is in Humphrey:

One more — another gas station in Bassett. This was built in 1931 as a Phillips 66 station:

We’ll be moving on to Omaha and other cities in the next post.

Here comes the reminder: lots more photos — and different ones from this blog over at Flickr:


Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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