June/July Trip – Day #12 (More Montana)

One more full day of Montana before moving on to North Dakota.

Let’s start with a few photos from Shelby. The Oasis Bar & Casino:

The Elks Lodge:

A few signs from Havre. The Hi-Line Motel:

From Chinook:

From the Great Northern Hotel & Casino in Malta:

A few signs from Glasgow:

This one was removed from the facade years ago and moved inside the antiques store which took over the space. There’s now a hair salon there but the sign remains:

This one stands a the corner of Scotties Pride Drive which leads to Glasgow High School. The Scottish Terrier is the school’s mascot. This sign was being repainted as I took this photo:

From Sidney. The JC Penney store closed in 2017 but the sign remains:

From Nashua:

A double-arrow combo in Sidney:

And here are a few non-signs. A hillside of metal sculptures created by Buck Samuelson in Glasgow:

A classic fiberglass bear on the roof at the Blue Bear Car Wash in Havre:

The sign below looks like it was inspired by Bear Manufacturing’s “alignment bear” signs – at my website here:


A former gas station in Havre from 1939, now housing Parker’s BBQ:

A rare double-gable Conoco gas station in Shelby — vacant for at least seven years now:

And, lastly, the Fort Peck Lutheran Church in Fort Peck. Built in 1969 for a Catholic Church:

Back soon enough with more. For different photos, don’t forget about my Flickr stuff here:


Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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