June/July Trip – Day #13 (Montana, North & South Dakota)

I finally finished up adding all of the Montana photos to my website (roadarch.com) and we’re now moving on to the Dakotas.

Let’s start off in Glendive, MT with this Moose Lodge sign:

Some other signs from Glendive:

The original El Centro Motel sign from the 1950s looked like this:

This update is probably from the 1960s:

This sign is in Circle, MT:


From Bowman, ND:

From Dickinson, ND:

This painted plywood T-Rex sign in Glendive, MT was built in the early 1990s. The city is now fundraising to restore and repaint it, and possibly add LED lights:

Moving on to some non-signs. The tiny town of Regent, ND has become a tourist attraction thanks to the creations of resident Gary Greff who has built dozens of ginormous scrap metal sculptures. Here are just a few. The Tin Family:

Pheasants on the Prairie:

This Knight and Dragon…:

were built to accompany the old high school that Greff turned into the Middle Ages-themed Enchanted Castle Hotel:

This wolf sculpture in Lemmon, SD was created from scrap metal by John Lopez who has some other impressive cowboy sculptures in town (and elsewhere):

This “Waiting on the School Bus” sculpture in Glendive, MT was installed around 2017 in front of the Dawson County High School:

Let’s close with a couple of buildings. This petrified wood covered gas station in Lemmon, SD is located next to the Petrified Wood Park and Museum:

And this former bank in Glendive, MT from 1966 now houses a library:

I’ve got about 3 more days of ND and 4 more days of SD to go. Be back soon with more photos.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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