June/July Trip – Day #11 (More Montana)

There was a quite a bit of fog & clouds in the morning but then it was gorgeous. One of those days that had me literally running to get as many stops in as possible.

Let’s start with this sadly neglected sign in East Glacier Park:

From Helena:

This clock is on the corner of a former Husky gas station (now a muffler/radiator shop):

Here are a few signs in East Helena. This one is modern. It copied the design of the Rialto Club Room in Helena:

This sign was installed just a few years ago. It appears that new partial text panels were tacked over a vintage sign that the restaurant got from somewhere:

This Chinese restaurant has been there since the late 1800s. This looks like a modern replacement of a 1950s sign:

Here are a few photos from Great Falls:

This drug store was destroyed by fire and a new building was built nearby. Fortunately, the signs were saved and restored:

The property is surrounded by chain link fencing and demolition is planned. I don’t know what will become of this sign but I’m not optimistic it will be there long:

Another wagon wheel sign — this one in Augusta:

This sign is in Fort Benton:

These two are in Black Eagle. The neon was replaced with LED rope tubing a few years ago:

This Italian restaurant is right across the street. I believe the bulbs are scintillating:

From Dutton:

A couple of signs from Shelby:

This motel has closed and the city wants to adapt the vertical letters to read “Shelby”. The sign really does tower over the little downtown. I hope that they keep the sign even if they do a typical cheap adapting. I hope that the lantern & lower panel survive but I have a feeling they won’t make it:

Let’s close with a couple of buildings and some other stuff. The mid-century modern St. Mary Visitor Center at the entrance to Glacier National Park in St. Mary:

This former Greyhound station from 1947 is in Great Falls. The original look:

and now:

A former Triple XXX Root Beer stand shaped like a barrel in Great Falls. Unfortunately, only half the barrel is visible now:

How about some dinosaurs? This T-Rex is in Bynum:

There are three wonderful dinosaurs in Choteau in front of the Oil Trail Museum. Here are two headshots:

And, lastly, my traveling buddies with the Shep Memorial in Fort Benton:

I still have a couple more days of Montana to work on before we move on to North Dakota. Be back soon.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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