June/July Trip – Day #10 (Montana and Idaho)

Let’s start with some Idaho stuff which was right across the border from the NW corner of Montana. I still have about three more days of Montana to go after this.

The canopy sign is in Wallace, ID:

The Oasis Rooms in Wallace was a brothel for many years — and now this building houses the Oasis Bordello Museum. This sign was displayed in the basement but then moved outside in recent years. I don’t know if the coconut (?) tree is original or created when the sign was hung:

The Wallace District Mining Museum in Wallace previous housed the Butter-Top which I assume was a restaurant. Some nice other neon signs in the background in this 1950s postcard:

Also in Wallace – restored recently with a different font and the wording changed from “Co.” to “Hotel”:

This one in Sandpoint, ID. The neon removed and sign repainted recently:

Another from Sandpoint at Dub’s Drive-in:

A couple of signs from Osburn, ID:

Recently repainted:

From Kellogg:

Back to Montana: in Kalispell:

A couple of signs from Libby:

Closed for a number of years but the sign and log cabin-ish restaurant still there:

From Polson. I believe this sign was inspired by the Chief Diner sign in Durango, CO. See my webpage here:


And here are a few non-signs in Montana. Libby is known as the City of Eagles and this metal sculpture is one of several around town:

This cute sculpture is on the side of the Valley Bank in Kalispell:

A giant gunpowder barrel at a fireworks stand in Haugan:

The China Gate Restaurant with a sweet mid-century modern roofline in Polson:

Back soon with more goodies.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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