June/July Trip – Day #7 (More Montana)

We were in Montana for about a week so there will be a bunch more posts for that state. Let’s start with Billings. This sign was saved from the closed Park Drive-in in Cody, WY. It was on the back of the screentower in Cody and then converted to an entrance sign here and the word “Amusement” for Amusement Park Drive-in added. Unfortunately, there was a fire and the screentower burned down. It seems unlikely that it will be rebuilt.

This is one of the few unmaintained/unrestored signs in town:

I don’t know how old the Western Pawn signs are but there are several vintage local signs inside — see below:

More Billings signs:

After all these years, the Monte Carlo Casino can no longer use the name after being pressured by the Principality of Monaco since their older casino with the same name was trademarked. So, the “Carlo” panel has been covered up and the place is now known as The Monte:

This stained glass canopy is at the Eagle Hotel:

The Sunset Bowl opened in 1959 and this sign appears to be from then:

This modern sign was added around 2008:

and this fun one was added to the side of the building around 2017:

Two signs from Roundup. This faded beauty…

and the Arcade Bar:

This long-gone drive-in’s sign in Miles City has been moved to private property where it is still visible:

From Broadus:

From Forsyth:

Let’s do a deep dive on this sign in Miles City. It previously read/advertised for the Range Rider’s Bar and was located next door:

But to understand the complete history, you gotta go back to the 1940s. This photo from 1942 shows the original (and I think bigger) sign. Note, no arrow and much closer to the street:

But it gets better. That sign was moved up when this incredible street level animated sign is installed — probably late 1940s/early 1950s:

At some point in the 1950s, a different sign — theatre canopy style — is below it and a bulb arrow was installed:

There were weird little window cutouts on that sign but I can’t find anything high-rez enough to determine what those panels looked like. By 1978, those windows were falling apart and both the canopy sign and the one above had been repainted and it looks like the neon was gone. The bulb arrow no longer had bulbs:

By 1984, the paint was peeling but the window on the canopy on the left side looked to be fairly intact:

Skipping ahead to recent years… this Google Street View map shows what the two buildings look like now. The Trails Inn Bar and its horizontal sign had already been there for decades. In 2009, the two businesses were consolidated and the projecting sign with the horse & rider was adapted with the new name and moved to the right, next door. A few years later, the Range Riders Cafe opened in the vacant space on the left:

Let’s close with a couple of non-signs. This Indian and horse are in Miles City. Despite my best efforts, I can’t find any info about their history:

This dome-shaped coffee place in Roundup was built in the 1980s:

I’ll be back soon enough with more Montana.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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