June/July Trip – Day #8 (More Montana)

I’ve got a nice big post for you. The weather was not the best, so, expect some no-sky backgrounds. Let’s start with some signs from Lewistown — the 4 Aces Casino:

At the former Bon-Ton Confectionery which dated back to 1908. The building now houses a closed cafe:

Here are a few signs from Harlowton. The State Theatre building is a hollow shell after a fire in 2012 but this sign remains:

At the Moose Lodge:

Obviously, the Oasis Bar:

This one is located at the Oasis’ side entrance:

From Wilsall — this one is a modern sign:

Here are some goodies from Butte. Note the former chasing bulbs on the vertical panel and the cute Tyrolean hat on the mountains:

Mighty colorful – sooooo many layers of paint:

The Pekin Noodle Parlor opened in 1911 and is the longest operating Chinese restaurant in the country! The interior with little wooden booths (very private!) is incredible. This sign is from around 1940:

In the ground level window next door is this beauty with ripple tin panels, beading, what I call “applied letters” for 119… After much digging, I got this vintage photo when it was hanging for the London Company Cigars store:

This is how I like my ghost signs — untouched! There’s such a trend lately to repaint them and they always end up look like crap. The whole point of these signs is the patina and layering of paint and color:

This one is in Livingston. Coca-Cola on top of Wrigley’s Spearmint gum — it doesn’t get any better than this!

Some other signs from Livingston. This one originally advertised for the Gil’s Indian Trading Post souvenir store and read “Gil’s Gifts”. It was restored and adapted for the Gil’s Goods restaurant:

The peeling paint on this bar sign seems to reveal different lettering. I believe this one originally advertised for the Park Hotel although I can’t find a vintage photo or postcard to prove it. The other two signs are modern:

A couple of signs from Bozeman. This closed cleaners sign was restored recently when the building became an outdoor/clothing store:

The paint is starting to go on this one but it still looks fabulous:

The Longbranch Saloon is in Ennis:

Also in Ennis — this incredible facade sculpture:

That’s enough with the signs! Let’s close with three buildings. This theatre is still operating in Harlowton:

This incredible mid-century modern building in Butte was designed by William Pereira and built as the Prudential Federal Savings & Loan in 1962. Note the round building inside the columns with the spiral staircase on the corner:

This late Art Deco house in Bozeman was built in 1942:

That’s a wrap for now. More Montana coming soon… different photos from this same day over at Flickr:


Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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