June/July Trip – Day #6 (Idaho and Montana)

There wasn’t much sun today, as reflected by the no-sky/no-sun backgrounds in the following photos. Let’s start off in Pocatello, ID with one of the signs recently restored and installed by Relight the Night:

Randy Dixon at Relight the Night hopes to restore this one someday:

One more from Pocatello. I believe this is the only Master Muffler sign in Idaho with the cute blonde guy. There are lots of them in Utah — at my website here:


This one is in American Falls, ID:

This one is in Blackfoot, ID — that’s Gator behind the deliberately slanted sign pole:

This sign in Blackfoot was restored and installed above the Collecting America store a couple of years ago. It came from a drug store in town:

In a private collection in Lava Hot Springs, ID:

Waaaay above the Lava Spa Motel in Lava Hot Springs:

This sign in Idaho Falls originally advertised for the Paris Cafe. The panels on the left and bottom have been messed with but at least the central neon panel remains. This is what the sign looked like originally:


Some combo signs from Idaho Falls:

Moving on to West Yellowstone, MT. I believe the owl at least was originally a pole sign — looks like that piece is double-sided:

This sign originally advertised for an Imperial 400 Motel. Although the nationwide chain did have locations in Montana, I don’t think there was one in West Yellowstone. So, this sign must have come from another city. This postcard shows a sign in Casper, WY:

This sign was adapted at some point from the Ham & Eggery:


Very dreary (and cold!) in Silver Gate, MT for these two:

A few more photos of non-signs — the Nuart Theatre in Blackfoot, ID. The signs were updated recently with graphic display boards and LED but the Art Deco building is still a marvel. That’s a new addition on the left:

This castle building is in Idaho Falls, ID. I could not find any info about what was here originally but it was most recently a Mexican restaurant.

This building in Idaho Falls was built in 1974 as the Westbank Motel.

This giant trout is at Hyde Drift Boats in Idaho Falls. It was installed sometime between 2008 and 2011 but clearly it’s older than that:

That’s it for now. I’ll be back with lots more Montana soon.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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