June/July Trip – Day #5 (Idaho)

Let’s start off with this pair of raceway bowling signs at the Bowladrome in Twin Falls, ID. By the way, if you like bowling signs, you’ll love this section at my website:


Another sign from Twin Falls. The motel has been closed for many years:

A bunch of signs from Boise, ID. The 44 Club opened in the 1940s but this sign looks more 1960s, if that:

This one though, with the beaded border, is probably from the 1930s. It was in really bad shape until it was restored in 2015:

Gotta be 1960s:

This sign shaped like a camera on a tripod advertised for Idaho Camera until recently. I’m glad that it’s still basically there, just that ugly blue panel on top of the lens panel:

The Travelers Motel sign has been through a lot. I can’t find a vintage postcard but here’s what it looked like when I shot it in 2014:

Note the neon extension tubing for “TV” in the middle of the sign. I haven’t seen any other signs with that:

Well, that’s gone now and so is just about all of the other neon. I guess it’s better than a plastic box but…”

After much internet sleuthing, I was able to determine that the Vista Uptown Bar was built in 1962 as the Two Boys Inn. Here’s a little advertisement showing its original look. Note how the canopies with picnic tables were replaced with building additions. Too bad…

From Garden City, ID:

From the beginning of the day, this one is in Snowville, UT;

From Mountain Home, ID – this sign apparently revolved. It looks like the business is closed – shoot ’em while you can, folks:

Also Mountain Home. The paint on the sunny side of the sign was gone — don’t know what happened.

This giant bowling pin sign is at the Bear River Bowling Center in Tremonton, UT. I’ve got a lot more giant bowling pins and sports-related stuff at this page at my website:


Let’s close this post with a couple of buildings. This incredible Art Deco courthouse is in Jerome:

And this repurposed Sambo’s restaurant is from Ogden, UT where I started the day:

I’ll be back soon with more Idaho and a little bit of Montana.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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