June/July Trip – Day #4 (More Utah)

Glorious sun for today’s shooting. This one in Murray is a new sign but very cool:

This one in Salt Lake City might not be around much longer. In 2019, a proposal was announced to demolish the motel and build a big residential/commercial complex. I didn’t see this sign in the plans at all. But maybe things have fallen through:

More stuff from Salt Lake City… With city permission, a smaller replica of the original sign from 1950s was created by Rainbow Neon:

In 2019, this sign was declared too unsafe and beyond maintaining. The original sign was shipped off to the Railroad Museum in Ogden and this sign was created. It’s double-sided like it was originally but lit with LED instead of neon:

This Park ‘N Jet sign with sputnik has gotta be 1960s:

There are a few Village Cleaners signs in the SLC area using some variation of this logo. This one is in Murray. I think we can assume from the round shape and stripes that these signs are a tribute to the Norgetown “Norge Ball” signs. Norgetown signs with stripes were the later versions of the polka dot signs. Loads of info and examples at my website section here:


Speaking of polka dots. This pylon sign in Salt Lake City originally advertised for a Safeway. It was later adapted for Hostess Brands/Wonder Bread. Those polka dots were associated with Wonder Bread all the way back to 1921 when the VP of merchandising was inspired by a Balloon Race at the Indy Motor Speedway. Anyway, the neon had been missing for years but was restored by Furst when they moved into the building in 2014. They left the original corrugated material and faded paint and just added their own name to the sign:

Lots more from Salt Lake City. The Classic Lanes opened in 1958. Here’s a photo I took in 2006:

In 2015, the bowling alley closed and was demolished. The sign was preserved and adapted with LED for the apartments built on the site in 2015:

This Fendall’s Ice Cream sign is probably from 1957 or thereabouts. It closed in 1997 but the sign escaped being messed with until last year when it was adapted for this pizza place:

Speaking of ice cream. This Snelgrove Ice Cream sign was built by YESCO in 1962. Here’s a photo I took in 2006:

In 1990, Dreyer’s bought the company and used the site for ice cream production. Little by little, the sign deteriorated — hit by a truck, then repainted, then Dreyer’s left and their signs were removed… and we are left with the photo below. The site is a vacant lot right now but I know that the Sugar House historical people will not let anything happen to the cone:

Some happy news. This bulb sign originally advertised for the West Side Drug store. Here’s a photo I took in 2014:

The building had long been vacant and was about to be demolished when this piece was removed, restored, and installed at the Red Iguana 2 Mexican restaurant. I posted a little video of the bulbs in action here:

This place opened in 1968 and I’m betting the bulb piece on top is from then:

One more sign — this one from Bountiful:

Let’s close with some statues. This half “Muffler Man” is installed on the roof of Rainbow Neon in Salt Lake City. He was remodeled as Spock when Leonard Nimoy died in 2015. He is currently masked-up for COVID.

This wood-carved “Captain EZ” is located in Vernal:

Lastly, one of my favorite Indian statues. This one was in Roosevelt originally where he sat in front of the Moqui Trading Post. He was built in 1976 — and this postcard is from around then:

He was in pretty rough shape when I shot him in 2012:

Then, in 2018, he was adopted by the the Ute Indian Tribe. The statue was restored and moved to the Ute Tribal Plaza in Fort Duchesne:

That’s a wrap. I’ll be back soon with stuff from Idaho. Don’t be forgetting that I post different photos over at Flickr from these trips:


Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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