June/July Trip – Day #3 (Wyoming)

A discouraging day which was mostly cloudy with a little rain. But I persevered through this part of Wyoming at my usual fast face since I couldn’t wait around which would mean canceling stops at the end of the trip.

Here’s a two-fer from Evanston. I don’t know if the wood on both signs is just to hold them together or if there is hope of some restoration:

Also in Evanston — no neon here but still some lovely raised letters and script:

This place in Evanston is a historic Lincoln Highway Landmark but boarded up since forever:

The pole sign from the same place – barely readable but incredible nonetheless:

Jackson was one big cloud — better luck next time… This sign hasn’t changed a hardly a bit since this 1960s postcard (except the AAA and Color TV signs are gone):

This nice script sign is in Riverton:

This Elks Lodge is also in Riverton:

Momentary sun — this one is in Lander. The photo below is probably a 1960s replacement of the sign in this postcard:

I wonder what was on those spikes?

This sign in Rawlins is shaped like a giant motel room key (remember, before we used plastic access cards?). No postcards that I could find but I’m betting there was neon on the key and maybe different text. Note that this one still has the vacuum form Color TV sign at the bottom:

A vitrolite storefront in Rawlins, I think from 1935. Probably a jewelry or clothing store but I’ve never been able to figure it out. I just looked at dozens of downtown pcards but can’t find it either:

I shot the terrazzo apron in 2012 without the mat in the way:

Pretty beat but here’s another sign from Rawlins:

This one is in Kemmerer — used as apartments now. I’m a sucker for signs with lanterns:

Also Kemmerer. The neon’s been removed and so has the plastic circle with the deer (that partial circle on the panel). Purple is an interesting paint color — previously red and black. I love a deliberately leaning sign. Does that instinctively catch the driver’s attention as if it were possibly a falling object?:

Another one from Lander. They’ve added rustic log-like stuff to the facade on the left since I was here 10 years ago. Note how the pheasant’s tail is used to make the middle stroke of the “H”. And the fishie is used for the “O” in “LODGE”:

This one in Sheridan breaks my heart. Here’s what it looked like in 2012:

The neon stars and rays were removed around 2019:

Here’s one from Dubois. This place is closed so… shoot ’em while you can folks. It was established in 1889:

Those of you that are familiar with my website know that I shoot a LOT more than just signs. Most of the followers of this blog and my Flickr account are signs geeks, so, I usually focus on those. But let’s throw a few more photos into the mix for this post.

A couple of statues. This bronze statue of James Cash Penney (the founder of J.C. Penney stores) is now in Kemmerer. It was installed in the lobby of the headquarters in Plano, TX since around 1992. I think his legs are short (and arms so long) to compensate that he was meant to be seen from up on top of pedestal. Much like the Birmingham Vulcan statue. The Plano office closed and the statue was moved here last year. The still-operating (!) JC Penney store in Kemmerer was the very first one and this statue is installed in the little park across the street:

This fiberglass Sumo Wrestler statue in Rawlins is one of a few in Wyoming and Colorado built for Sapporo Japanese Steak Houses. I think this Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse got this guy from a closed location:

This theatre in Lander is still plugging away. It seemed like every theatre I saw on this trip was showing Top Gun:

A former Safeway in Lander:

And two gas stations froms Rawlins. This building was recently restored as a Texaco (which I believe it was originally) with pumps & signs added:

Pouring rain but here’s a very rare former double-canopy Phillips 66 that sat empty for many years. Now housing Union Wireless and a little cafe:

That’s enough for now. The next post will cover lots of Utah things.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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