Website Update News #23: Signs (#10 – Final!)

Here’s the final post from the Signs section. The pylon on the Franz Bakery Building in Seattle, WA:

now has plastic letters. Note that the clock on top is gone:

The Dahlia Lounge closed last year and this sign in Seattle is gone now:

This store closed in 2019 and this sign in Seattle is gone:

This sign in Seattle:

has been adapted slightly with surrounding panels and the female dancer now has an arm extending to support a pizza:

This modern male diver sign in Seattle is gone now:

The Airway Express Inn in Spokane, WA is gone now and so are these signs:

I don’t know why there are so few Google Maps cars in Wisconsin. So many streets have not been roamed since 2013, 2011, even 2008. So, there may be many signs and buildings that are gone that I don’t know about yet.

This sign in Columbus, WI…:

has been adapted:

This motel in Wisconsin Dells, WI has been demolished and this sign is gone. A big car wash there now:

This sign in West Allis, WI is gone now:

This sign in Milwaukee, WI:

Has changed names from Frank’s Power Plant to Patti’s Power Plant. The nice “skeleton” neon tubing on top of both sides for Frank’s has been removed and replaced with plastic panels for Patti’s:

The Ranger Motel sign in Laramie, WY:

has been repainted and new letters have been added:

The Elks Lodge sign in Laramie:

has been repainted. It looks like the neon is gone:

The neon sign on the left in Moorcroft, WY is gone now:

This motel in Newcastle, WY had double entrances — a sign for each. The motel has been demolished for a Dollar General and both signs are gone:

That’s a wrap! I’ve got a few little projects before I dive in to the final section (the biggest one, Mid-Century Modern Buildings). The next post will probably be from the L.A. area as I start on some little California roadtest trips before the big summer trip.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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