Website Update News #22: Signs (#9)

Here’s another hefty post of signs that are gone or have been transformed. This sign in Austin, TX:

has been adapted for a clothing store:

The sign on the other side:

was replaced:

This sign in Dallas, TX:

was apparently being carted off in 2021 when the Google Car drove by. That’s the pole on the left. I doubt it’s being restored or that we’ll see it here again:

This sign in Dallas is gone now, too:

This El Fenix on Colorado Blvd. in Dallas is gone now and so is the sign:

Here’s what’s become of the Cortez Motel sign in El Paso, TX — the “before”:

and the “after”:

This sign in El Paso, TX:

now looks like this:

This sign in Fort Worth:

now looks like this:

Finally done with Texas. This sign in Milford, UT is gone now:

These letters in Roy, UT:

… are now missing their neon:

This sign and business in Ogden, UT are gone now after a big fire last year. The owners plan to rebuild:

This sign in Salt Lake City, UT:

has been adapted for Big Daddy’s Pizza:

This sign in Bellingham, WA is gone now:

This sign in Everett, WA is basically gone now. The neon has been removed and the panels painted over for another business:

This sign in Stanwood, WA is gone now:

This sign in Tacoma, WA is gone now. Another flower shop has moved into the building:

These signs in Tacoma, WA are gone now:

That’s enough for this post. I still have more Washington to go. There are only 15 pages left in the Signs section though which I should be able to wrap up tomorrow. Then, we’ll be on to the final section (Mid-Century Modern Bldgs) which will take a few months to get through. I’m going to take a few little roadtrips soon which will interrupt those posts with some good news: stuff that’s actually still left.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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