L.A. Area Weekend Trip

My website update posts will have a few interruptions with some roadtrip posts. I took a little 3-day weekend trip to the L.A. a couple of weeks ago and now have all of those photos up at my website. I’ll share a few photos here.

The VFW Post sign in Burbank:

The Sou’s Shoe Repair sign in Burbank

was reworked a bit last year. Yes, the old look was nicer. Now there are vinyl sheets stuck on the sign and tacky LED crap around the borders. But, okay, it could be worst (i.e., a rectangular plastic box sign):

I made a pit stop at MONA (Museum of Neon Art) in Glendale and got to see a few recent arrivals and other things that had been brought out of storage. The La Palma Chicken Pie Shop sign that was in Anaheim is looking great:

The Dave’s Coffee Shop (from Oakland, CA) and the Hollywood Athletic Club signs are now in a little sign garden area next to the museum:

The House of Spirits signs from Echo Park are there as well:

Back on the road… the former Main Library in Riverside is being adapted for the Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art & Culture. It has incredible basket-weave concrete panels:

A new sculpture has been installed in Dana Point — finally, a woman! That’s Joyce Hoffman:

This building in Redlands was built in 1967 for Tossie’s Chicken-to-Go restaurant:

This horse in Fontana was recently repainted (previously brown). It stands in front of a Mexican restaurant. There is an identical horse at another Mexican place in Victorville:

I can’t find anything about the history of this building in El Monte but it packs a lot of fun in a small space:

I love this detailed painted mural on the side of a car repair place in South Gate:

This lovely sign is in San Pedro:

A couple shots from the fabulous Golf N’ Stuff in Norwalk from 1969:

A still-operating JC Penney in Huntington Park:

A fake lighthouse in Long Beach — the Lions Lighthouse:

A Tiki style eyeglass place in South Gate:

and a mid-century Mexican place across the street. I love the sloping roof and the layered roof/leaning sign over the entrance:

The wonderful neon sign at the Foster’s Freeze in Torrance…:

was replaced last year with this plastic version. I’m still pissed but I guess it could have been worse:

I shot a LOT of car washes this weekend since so many have been repainted, changed names, been remodeled. If mid-century car washes are your thing, I’ve got five packed pages here:


The sign and fins at the Five Points Hand Car Wash (now named Googie Car Wash) in Whittier have been painted many different colors in recent years. Here’s the latest look:

That’s a wrap for now. I’m still working on the final website update section (mid-century modern buildings). It’s the biggest section so it’s taking some time. But I’ll be back soon since I have a couple of 4-day weekend trips coming up: Central CA/Bay Area in April and Northern CA in May. Then, the big trip to Wyoming, Montana, Dakotas, etc. in June.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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