Website Update News #19: Signs (#6)

Here’s another lengthy post. I think this is more sign losses than last year. Picking back up with the “N” pages…

The Norge Ball in Long Beach, CA:

has been updated with a new band around the middle:

This Norge Village sign in Coalville, UT is gone now:

Finally, some good news! This Elks Lodge sign in Hawthorne, NV:

… was repainted and the neon restored in 2020:

This sign in Reno, NV (and the motel itself) are gone now.

This sign in Las Vegas, NV is gone now. I’m hoping that The Neon Museum got it but I’m waiting to hear back from them:

The Ruby Slipper on East Fremont in Las Vegas was removed recently. It was modeled after the Silver Slipper sign and built in 2007 for the City of Las Vegas. I assume that it’s in storage somewhere. I can’t find anything about it online. The Silver Slipper sign was restored by The Neon Museum and is installed in the median next to the museum:

This store in New York City closed in 2020 and the sign is gone now:

A little good news!! The Levinson’s Uniforms sign in Cuyahoga Falls, OH was missing in the most recent StreetView. I never got to shoot this one but here it was in 2020:

After some digging online, I finally found out that the sign was restored and repurposed — from Richard K. Levitz Twitter post a couple of months ago:

This sign in Mansfield, OH is gone now. The business now has a modern, backlit plastic sign:

This sign in Tulsa, OK is gone now. The motel suffered a fire in 2019 and was demolished the following year:

This sign in Tulsa is also gone now:

The Kellogg Bowl in Milwaukie, OR closed in 2020. This sign is gone now (just the pole remains):

The other two signs are still there…. for now:

This pretty plastic and neon sign in Ontario, OR:

was repurposed around 2018 for a window tinting store:

and now it’s been adapted for a heating business with the paintbrush turned into a fireplace:

Let’s end with that. I’ll be back probably later this week with more.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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