Website Update News #18: Signs (#5)

I didn’t think I’d be posting so quickly but the discoveries have been numerous and brutal. And I’m only in the middle of the “N” states.

This sign in Hardin, MT was originally installed on a rooftop as shown here:

It was recently removed and installed in front of the motel, replacing a less exciting box sign:

The Herrin Brothers building in Charlotte, NC was demolished in 2020 and the sign is gone:

This sign in Wilson, NC was originally installed for the Coral Room:

It was repurposed many times for different restaurants. It is gone now – just the restaurant panel remains:

This sign in Fargo, ND is gone now. The business moved in 2020 and the sign was removed then. It’s not at the new location.

This sign in Grand Forks, ND is gone now. A new liquor store moved in and remodeled the building:

This sign in Grand Forks, ND is gone now. It was leaning at such a precarious angle for years that I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did:

This beauty from 1935 in Hoboken, NJ is gone now. I tried to find out what happened to it but I don’t think it’s being restored and there’s hope of its return since the supports on the building are gone.

This sign in Lake Como, NJ is gone now:

This motel in Farmington, NM suffered a fire in 2017 and was demolished in 2020. This sign is gone now:

These signs in Raton, NM are pretty much gone now:

This sign in Gallup, NM is gone now:

Be back soon with more.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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