Website Update News #17: Signs (#4)

Ready for another heartbreaking round? The Volk Cleaners sign in Louisville, KY is gone now. The Patrick’s sign on the right is still there:

This Rexall sign in Richmond, IN is gone now:

Here are the cheesey signs that replaced it:

This sign in New Orleans is gone now. I suspect it was destroyed by a hurricane:

This place in Dearborn Heights, MI is gone, the building demolished, and the sign is gone:

This sign in Flint, MI is gone now:

I believe this sign in Grand Rapids, MI started out as a Buick sign:

It’s now been repainted for another used car dealership:

This sign in Grand Rapids is gone now:

This sign in Port Huron, MI:

has been painted and updated with backlit plastic letters. Bummer. But the good news is, the bigger sign hasn’t been changed:

This sign in Brewster, MN is gone now:

This restaurant and sign in Minneapolis are gone now:

This motel and sign in Excelsior Springs, MO are gone now:

This sign in Independence, MO:

is now missing its letters:

This sign in Jackson, MS is gone now:

That’s enough tragedy for now. I’ll be back very soon.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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