Website Update News #20: Signs (#7)

I’ve got enough to report for another post already. This drug store in Roseburg, OR closed in 2019. Just a few months later, the building was demolished and the sign was gone:

The Canton Grill in Portland, OR closed in 2020 and this sign is gone now:

The Fritch Fuel Company sign in Bethlehem, PA

now has backlit plastic letters instead of neon. The old school digital clock & temperature unit on the lower left was updated with a digital display board:

This sign in Greensburg, PA…:

was repainted around 2009 (below) but the business has closed and the sign is gone now:

Jenkintown Electric in Jenkintown, PA moved next door earlier this year. When they attempted to remove this sign with the intention of moving it to the new location, it fell apart. They are now building a replica sign with aluminum panels and LED tubing.

This store in Norristown, PA closed in 2020 and the sign is gone now:

From the Rexall Drug store pages — this store in Springfield, CO is closed and the sign is gone:

These Rexall signs and panels in Rock Rapids, IA:

… have been painted over:

This store in Spring Valley, IL closed in 2014. These signs are gone now. The zigzag canopy and blue panels are still there:

These signs in Stantonsburg, NC are gone now:

These signs in Port Clinton, OH are gone now. The store had opened there in 1872. The building now houses Cosmic Rayz Atomic Emporium with retro candy, sodas, toys, etc.:

This drug store in Yorktown, TX is still open but the Rexall sign has been replaced with a modern sign:

That’s it on the Rexall signs. On to the “S” states. This sign in Sioux Falls, SD is gone now:

This sign and motel in Spearfish, SD are gone now:

Be back soon with more moving on to the “T” states in the next post.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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