Website Update News #14:  Signs (#1 of ??)

For sign lovers, this is going to be a heartbreaking post. I’m really looking forward to hitting the road again (March or April, depending on when I can finish this project) and sharing GOOD news with new photos of things that are still out there. But for now, let’s get on with it.

This sign in Birmingham, AL is gone now. The building had been vacant for years but the sign was still there last spring:

This sign in North Little Rock, AR is gone now:

The Se-Tay Motel in Casa Grande, AZ has had a makeover. Brace yourself. Here’s the “before”:

The neon is all gone and the sign has been garishly repainted:

Last year, the neon “Motel” letters on this sign in Mesa, AZ were replaced with chunky backlit plastic letters:

Hinkley’s Lighting in Phoenix, AZ closed that location last year and has been moving their stock to the Scottsdale location. The signs have been removed and are now at one of the company’s warehouses. The giant, bulb-festooned rooftop chandelier is still there for the now while the owner decides what to do with it.

This Bekins Storage sign in Phoenix, AZ was adapted last year:

The “Happy Bear” sign in Long Beach, CA has been repainted for a new business name. The bear actually looks a little nicer now. Here’s the “before”:

and the after:

This drug store in Avenal, CA has closed and a different one has taken its place. This sign is gone now:

The Torches Motel sign in Barstow, CA has been reworked a bit. Here’s the “before”:

and the “after” with a plain text panels on top and bottom. The neon letters in the middle are now backlit plastic. A little torch has been added to the top. The Color TV sign remains:

This ripple tin sign in Placerville, CA is gone now. The store closed in 2019 and there’s another jewelry store there now:

This restaurant and sign in Riverside, CA are gone now:

This former Travelodge sign in Santa Maria, CA is gone now:

Maya Shoe Repair in Santa Monica, CA has closed and this sign is gone now:

This sign in Victorville, CA has been repainted. The “before”:

and now:

The Rancho Verde Motel sign in Blythe, CA… :

is laying on the ground in the 2021 Google Street View:

This sign in Catheys Valley, CA is gone now:

This one breaks my heart. I never got to photograph this one in Clearlake, CA. The sign recently got scooped up by a sign seller. Here’s a decent representation from Google Street View:

Good news/bad news, I guess. The Owl Cafe in Cloverdale, CA is now El Milagro Mexican restaurant but the owl sign is still there:

However, the pole sign has been screwed up. The before:

Note the revolving piece at the top has a little owl face on one side — and those panels are still there (for now?):

But the top text panels has been changed and the other two and removed:

That’s enough for now and I’m only about halfway through California. I’ll be back this weekend with more sign “news”.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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