Website Update News #15: Signs (#2)

Here’s another installment of recent sign news. The Custer’s Gift Shop sign in Covina, CA had been missing the middle panel since around 2017 and now the entire sign is gone:

The Anatel Liquors signs in Downey, CA are gone now. Here’s the “before”

and what’s there now:

This ginormous arrow in Fresno, CA is gone now:

Here’s a real kick to the gut. The wonderful Pagano’s sign in San Leandro, CA:

has been stripped and repainted for a new business – ugh…:

Capitol Burgers in Los Angeles closed in 2019 and this sign is gone now:

The sign at the Kirby Dr. location of Houston Shoe Hospital in Houston, TX:

was painted black last year. However, after feedback from the owners and the public, they have repainted it back to the previous color scheme.

Speaking of shoe signs, I’m working on my next SCA Journal article about these. The magazine will be out at the end of the year. Here’s the companion page I’ve started building at my website:

This sign in Springfield, CO is missing at the most recent StreetView. The Main Cafe has been gone for years but other restaurants have operated beneath this sign. The vertical support is still on the building but I don’t know if the sign is being restored, adapted, or a new sign is about to take its place:

The University Hills Plaza sign in Denver, CO got an unfortunate makeover. Here’s the before:

And here’s the “after”. The channel letters and neon have been removed. I suppose there’s a remote chance that they letters are off at shop being restored. That top panel has some fabric type covering. But I think it’s more likely that there will soon be backlit plastic letters:

The Kirby & Holloway Family Restaurant in Dover, DE was devastated by a fire in 2014 and demolished the next year. The sign hung in there until last year:

Articles stated that the sign would be adapted for a new car wash but it was not:

This sign in Bartow, FL is gone now:

The Ball & Chain sign in Miami, FL has been removed. I contacted one of the owners and he said that the City insisted it be removed. The owners are fighting to have it deemed “historically significant” so that it can be rehung:

This sign in Pensacola, FL is gone now — and so is the entire building that housed Felton Lanes:

I’m off to start working on the “I” states (Iowa, Illinois, etc.). I’ll be back next weekend.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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