Website Update News #13: Gas Stations

This is another mega section with about 300 pages. There are lots of casualties in this big post. I’m only including the most noteworthy. There were lots of other buildings that have been repainted, transitioned to different car repair businesses, tire stores, car washes, and the like.

This former station in Arbuckle, CA was demolished around 2020:

This former station in Cedar Rapids, IA housed a hair salon for many years. When the sign was removed recently, it revealed the Art Deco “oil products” letters:

That identifies it as a former Standard Oil station like this one in Brooklyn IA:

This former Conoco station in Kinsley, KS has been demolished:

This former Phillips 66 station in Kansas City, KS was demolished around 2020:

The former Pure Oil station in Hollandale, MS is gone now:

The long-vacant station in Jamestown, NC was adapted for a restaurant around 2020 and an addition was added to the left side. It now houses the Black Powder Smokehouse:

This canopy in Hawthorne, NV is gone now. It was most likely a Wilshire station originally with the top part of the spear-like supports moved many years ago:

This former station in Castleton-on-Hudson, NY is gone now:

This former Gulf station in New Washington, OH:

is now missing those porcelain panels:

This former Phillips 66 in Brunswick, OH was demolished around 2020:

This little former station in Drumright, OK:

now has fresh paint and houses Cannabis Alley:

Several other long-vacant gas stations in Oklahoma have been recently repurposed as cannabis shops. Here’s a former Phillips 66 from Bristow, OK:

This former Cities Service station in Tulsa, OK was restored in 2010. Last year, LED tubing was added to the letters on the building:

This former Gulf station in Tamaqua, PA is gone now:

This former Pure Oil station in Elizabethton, TN is gone now:

This former station in San Antonio, TX:

got some wild paint recently for a pizza place:

This former Ball station in Wellington, TX was a wreck for many years:

Late last year it got a new roof and canopy:

This former Gulf station in Big Spring, TX…:

was being renovated in 2021. The porcelain panels are gone now but somewhat similar bands on the building and a new canopy were added:

Next up at this blog with be the Signs section. That will probably be multiple posts.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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