Website Update News #6: Department Stores and Car Dealerships

After 142 pages checked from these two sections, there is, fortunately, not much bad news to report.

From the Department Store pages, there was only one significant change. The former J.C. Penney in Alamosa, CO closed in 2019. By last year, the sign had been removed:

From the Car Dealerships section: two of the three South Motors hexagonal-shaped buildings in Miami, FL are gone now. The one on the left below is still there. But it may be the next to go:

Google Street View shows the building on the right being gruesomely demolished last March:

And this is the other one that was demolished:

This former car dealership building for the Roman Automobile Company in Philadelphia, PA:

has a wonderful pediment with terra cotta letters and a flying wheel detail:

Well, sometime in the last couple of years, some freaking taggers got on the roof and did this. I sure hope it gets repainted:

Here is what has become of the former A.W. Golden Cadillac-Pontiac dealership building in Reading, PA — the before:

the after (not up at StreetView yet and the only photo I could find online):

Quite the paint job on this former Martin Chevrolet dealership in Richmond, VA. I can’t find a vintage photo but I have this photo from 2009:

and now:

I’ll be back soon with more sections. There are only 10 sections left but some of them are monsters. For example, the last two will be Signs (~311 pages) and Mid-century Modern Buildings (~453 pages)

Happy trails,

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