Day 25 & 26: Southern & Central Georgia

I’m lumping these two days together for a nice big post. Lots of crusty signs in here for you sign fans! Day 25 was pretty crappy with cloudy weather but I didn’t have a day to give up to wait around. So, I powered through, took my shots, and will be back one day for better, sunny photos.

The Hotel Alma in Alma, GA could use some new paint. It looks like the neon might be intact:

This ICE sign in Bainbridge, GA is probably modern but it’s still pretty in the (momentary) sun. It points at the very big self-serve Bainbridge Ice House machine:

This Hall Drug Co. sign is in Blakely, GA:

This sign is in Dawson, GA. Kinda crude hand-painted and neon-less but still wonderful:

This sign in Albany, GA is at the Albany Strikers Bowling Center:

This Colyer’s Jewelers sign is in Valdosta, GA. It’s hard to shoot with the trees:

This Maryland Fried Chicken in Albany, GA has one of the nicest preserved buildings left, with original plastic signs. That rooftop thingie over the entrance was a big weathervane:

This Phillips 66 in Ashburn, GA has been remodeled a little but it’s still nice to see vintage (non-functioning?) pumps and the P66 sign. It’s not the original sign but still vintage enough. The original would have been shield-shaped:

This mid-century modern bank is in Adel, GA:

This sign in Tifton, GA is looking pretty rough. Go-Fund-Me, anybody? Imagine this thing with neon, fresh paint, and flashing bulbs:

This sign is in Quitman, GA. I’ve never seen such a strange pitted material. The letters and mortar/pestle look like wood:

A little paint and this sign in Quitman, GA would be gorgeous:

This marvelous three-fer (corrugated plastic, neon, bulbs) WITH readerboard bonus is in Tifton, GA:

This Krispy Kreme in Albany, GA still has the 1960s-era gabled roof building with this rooftop crown sign. It originally had corrugated plastic panels but at least it has this painted panel now. The other side has the icky modern logo in neon (or could be LED). I don’t think it revolves anymore or at least it wasn’t this summer:

This cleaners in Albany, GA is still operating:

This Southern Motel sign in Cordele, GA has been swallowed up the trees (and this is the more visible side!). You would never see it if you weren’t deliberately looking for it:

This sign in Macon, GA may no longer have the neon but a least they are keeping up with the paint. I wonder if that middle panel was a readerboard or if it had neon letters as well:

This Coca-Cola sign is located in Buena Vista, GA at the former Marion Drugs:

This pest control sign is in Macon, GA. I’ve got a bunch of other pest control signs at my website here:

This scary bear is located at Mercer University in Macon, GA:

This BBQ joint is in Gray, GA:

And lastly, one more sign from Macon, GA. This one was supposedly built in 1937. The restaurant was destroyed in a fire in 2015 and later demolished. But this projecting sign went unscathed. It is now installed inside the Montpelier Ave. location:

Six more days of Georgia to come. With a holiday weekend coming up, I hope to get a ton of photos photoshopped and up at the website. You can expect at least a blog post or two from me then.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

Bonus shot of the crew from last weekend in the “fall foliage” (iceplant at the beach) here in SoCal:

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