Day 24: Florida Wrap-up and Georgia Begins

All of the Florida stuff is now up at my website (far, far more than was included in these blog posts or other photos posted over at Flickr). So, if you have favorite topics (signs, mid-century modern, gas stations, Art Deco, etc.), you might want to go check out all that there ( Don’t forget about the search box near the top left of any page below the yellow bar if you want to search by city, business name, and/or theme.

Before we move on to the Georgia photos, let’s sneak one more photo in for Jacksonville, FL. This former car dealership was built in 1969. It last housed Coggin GMC-Pontiac but I don’t know if that was the original tenant. The building’s been vacant since around 2008 but it won’t be around much longer. There are plans to demolish it and replaced with a Circle K gas station and convenience store:

This BBQ place in Baxley, GA now houses a florist shop. I’m glad they have kept the modern pig sign:

These modern Coke & Pepsi signs in Baxley are installed on the convenience store at a Valero station. They have been there since at least 2008 when there was a Citgo station there.

This neon arrow sign in Waycross, GA points at Yarbrough’s Office Products & Printing which has been around since 1932. The sign looks maybe 1960s or 1970s?:

These civic pride mosaic murals in Waycross, GA were built for the SunTrust Bank (or whatever bank was there originally). The bank is gone now but the building is housing the county elections office. Sorry about the shadows – it was very late in the day:

This 19-foot-long gator sculpture in Folkston, GA was built in New York in 2004 and brought here at some point. For lots more gators, I’ve got two pages worth at my website here:

This former Coca-Cola bottling plant in Hinesville, GA is about to be repurposed for a brewery/restaurant. If you like Coca-Cola buildings, tons of them from all over the country here:

This bank with a projecting lighthouse is located in St. Simons Island, GA:

Steffens Restaurant in Kingsland, GA has had a few different signs over the years. These are probably what they opened with in 1948:

And then later (mid-1950s?) with a new building:

The sign that’s there today was pretty faded until it was restored around 2018:

This Maryland Fried Chicken chain was established with the first location in Orlando in 1961. This Waycross, GA location opened in 1969. The building has been remodeled a bit:

And the sign has new plastic panels. But the original pulsating neon disk on top remains:

Last photo for this post if from Midway, GA. It’s a bit of a mystery as to where it came from since it’s installed at an auto shop that has been there for many years.

Another week’s worth of Georgia coming up. Be back soon.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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