Day 10 & 11: Alabama and Florida

I’m making good progress in getting things up at my website. So, I have another batch for you.

Let’s start with this long-closed restaurant that’s right across from a lake in Clearview, AL. So much to love here:

There are dozens of themed civic art project statues around the country. Cows, fish, oranges, you name it. But these peanut statues in Dothan AL might be the cutest, in my opinion. If you want to see more, I’ve got a bunch at my website here:

These fiberglass pigs, like this one in Foley, AL, were mass-produced. I’ve got more like this and other types at these two pages:

When the Pensacola Beach, FL directional sign was replaced in 2019, the old sign was auctioned off in pieces. These pieces are actually from around 2005 since the sign has been banged around by many hurricanes over the years. The sailfish panel went to the Frisky Dolphin, while this panel went to the Pensacola Beach RV Park where it is displayed at their tiki bar:

The sad state of the Giant Skate in Pensacola, FL. It was built from 2004-2007 for the Landmark Skate and Fun Center. Here’s a photo that I took in 2010:

The skating center closed in 2017. The skate was faded but still in decent shape then. In 2019, the skate was moved and was about to be restored by the Pensacola Roller Gurlz. But then the owner wanted the skate back and off to the closed skating center it went. Now, the laces are shot and the tires are gone. Here’s hoping the owner will change his mind. More about this and other giant skates at my website here:

Here are my wonderful travelmates at Cape San Blas, FL. It was hot but still a fun pitstop. White sand and good swimming:

This sign is in Lake City, FL — a little faded but it looks like the neon is in good shape:

Two signs from Gainesville, FL. Around 2019, the ice cream panel was repainted to look like a steaming cup of coffee:

Doug’s Dairy Twirl has been closed since at least 2007 but the sign lives on:

A local brewery has produced a line of stouts which pays tribute to the place. Here are three of the flavors:

Here’s a closeup of the leaf at the Leaf Theatre in Quincy, FL:

The Port Theatre in Port St. Joe, FL. I believe it’s been closed since 2018 after hurricane damage:

Here’s a former Royal Castle in Tallahassee, FL. The only other surviving building like this that I know of is in Clearwater, FL:

And lastly…. a detail from a streamline Firestone tire/repair shop in Tallahassee, FL. These neon letters have been removed or replaced with plastic box signs at most locations around the country:

I’ll be back this weekend with more goodies from Florida. There are about 12 days left to cover from that state in these posts.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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