Day 8 & 9: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama & Georgia

Let’s double-up a couple of days from this trip for a bigger post, shall we?

The Auto King Muffler Shop chain was founded in Baton Rouge. I think this sign in Plaquemine, LA is the only intact one left, although the shop itself is long closed and this one could disappear any day:

This sign in Plaquemine is also still there although the market has been closed for many years:

The Pharmacy Museum in New Orleans, LA was built around 2013. It is a replica of a 1960s sign:

This former gas station from 1925 in New Orleans has been a work in progress for many years. It was being restored for a Cafe Habana but the neighbors were worried about traffic, crowds, noise…. looks like it’s finally going to open soon:

The Southern Food & Beverage Museum in New Orleans has lots of interesting things and a few signs. This one came from a former bakery in town. It opened in 1934 and this sign might be from then or maybe the 1940s. The business was bought out by another bakery in the 2000s and this sign was donated to the museum:

Here’s another sign on display at the museum. This one came from Little Rock, AR and was built in 1950:

I brake for globes (yes, and so many other things). This one is in Roseland at Smitty’s Supply headquarters in Roseland, LA. I think it’s from around 2015 or so.

This former gas station in New Orleans is of similar age. It has been sitting vacant for years but it did get some fresh paint recently:

The Public Library in Gulfport, MS has been lovingly restored. This wonderful staircase and original columns have been preserved:

I believe this sign in Mobile, AL was adapted from Korbet’s Restaurant, which is gone now:

These two signs are at Byrd Drugs in Troy, AL. I had clouds and will have to reshoot someday:

I’ve seen photos of this one lit at night — the bird detail is/was a pretty blue:

One more thing from Troy – 200 terracotta warriors at Troy University:

Let’s close with a few goodies from Columbus, GA. A closed Greyhound station:

A nifty, probably 1920s former gas station:

A massive and wonderful brutal parking garage from 1968:

and lastly… Ruth Ann’s was built in 1959:

Don’t forget that I’m adding other (different!) photos to my Flickr account simultaneously with these blog posts:

And loads of other photos from the same days covered here have been going up at the same time at my website:

There’s a four-day weekend coming up. So, I’ll have a lot more posts for you soon.

Happy trails,

dj & the dogs

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