Days 3 & 4: More Texas

Let’s pick up in Plano, TX with a couple of statues at a Central Market. I’ve shot other giant fruits and vegetables at their supermarkets in Dallas and Austin. There are 10 locations but I don’t know if all of their stores have these pears, apples, peppers, oranges, and eggplants. More photos of these fruits & vegetables (and lots of others) at my website here:

Here are some photos from Dallas, TX. This appears to be modern but it’s still nice:

This former Brinks Coffee Shop from 1964 was a laundromat for a while but it’s found new life as a chicken restaurant:

The Longhorn Ballroom appears to be closed. The readerboard panel is missing. I love the faux wood grain on the frame and poles:

Every time I try to shoot this recently restored sign in Fort Worth, TX it’s either cloudy or the wrong time of day:

Moving on to Austin, TX for a couple of modern, retro-style signs:

This is another modern sign located in Buda, TX. It was created by Evan Voyles of Neon Jungle. It would look so much better in sun:

The Phillips House in Austin, TX was designed by John S. Chase and built in 1966:

The Deep in the Heart Art Foundry in Bastrop, TX has lots of incredible stuff outside. They also have tours and demonstrations of how they create these bronze sculptures. Here’s just a taste:

This giant bowling pin sign in New Braunfels, TX was built in 2017 when Downtown Social opened. It is about 15 feet tall:

Here are a few shots from San Antonio, TX. A modern sign but awfully pretty.

Folks that are really into 1960s chain restaurants will recognize this A-frame rooftop feature. This was standard for Griff’s Burger Bars. More about them at my website here:

This towering sign advertises for the University Bowl. I doubt the little neon stars are lit anymore. I’m guessing (fantasizing?) that they flashed sequentially somehow. Probably originally had neon letters as well:

That’s a wrap. I’ll be back soon with more Texas stuff.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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