Day 5: Last Full Day in Texas

Let’s start with this little drive-in in Columbus, TX:

This crude elephant statue is located at the White Elephant Flea Market in Channelview TX. I think it might be from the 1970s:

Here are a bunch of things from Houston, TX. At the Sunbeam Bread production plant:

A modern neon diver inside the Neon Gallery:

This bakery sign is probably from the 1960s. The Art Deco building from 1945 originally housed the Allbritton’s Eats restaurant:

The Mac Haik Chevrolet dealership (former Tom Peacock Chevrolet) billboard next to I-10:

These giant busts of four Presidents were created by David Adickes — more about them (and others) at my website here:

Earlier in the day, I made time to check out the enormous sign collection at the Hemi Hideout in Brookshire, TX. For neon overload, check out my webpage here:

Here’s just a sampling. A dizzying animated bulb sign:

A reflector sign spelling out “Pearl Bear”:

A backlit opal glass sign:

A Howard Johnson’s sign:

And a huge car dealership cowboy sign:

That’s a wrap. Back with another post in a week or so with more goodies from Texas and Louisiana.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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